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23 August 2021 | in NUSF News

A greater meaning of university sport for Chilean NUSF

National University Sports Federations (NUSF) are integral to the functioning of FISU, ensuring that the longevity of university sport is maintained worldwide. Serving as the NUSF for Chile, the Federación Chilena Universitaria de Deportes (FENAUDE) is no exception—bringing official recognition and inspiration to university sport across the nation.


Chilean FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy participant for 2021, José Tomás Pacheco Juri, sat down with Mr. Gernot Hecht Chau, President of FENAUDE, to find out just how much work goes into bringing university sport to Chile to life.


"Sport, whether in my life as an athlete or a coach, gives multiple experiences for which I am deeply grateful,” said Mr. Chau. “I believe that whenever one can, one should be available to work by virtue of the sport that has given us so much. In other words, try to give back and what better way than to do it in something that you like and are passionate about”.


As professor of physical education and master’s in educational management, Mr. Chau has integrated FENAUDE into different facets over the years. As an athlete, he integrated prestigious clubs at national levels, while in following his professional career has served as a coach, sports director at university level and now President of the Chilean NUSF.


“This position has helped me in better understanding different positions and visions, often managing to generate bridges of understanding to achieve the objectives and goals that we propose for the benefit of the development of the sport within higher education for FENAUDE and the country."


When asked what makes FENAUDE different from other NUSFs, Mr. Chau also spoke about what FENAUDE offers that makes them so unique.


“Firstly, FENAUDE is the only formally recognised sports organisation in the country that serves the higher education channel. In addition, it is the only sports federation in the country that is ‘multisport’—calling for many sports disciplines. It is also important to mention that being an organisation linked to higher education, we consider relevant aspects that go beyond competitive sport, seeking multiple approaches of physical activity as a contribution for the integral development of future professionals of our country.”


Looking to the future Mr. Chau’s objectives are framed on the basis of a strategic development plan for FENAUDE, which will carry out a broad agenda engaging people such as athletes, professors, coaches, university leaders, sports directors, university authorities, and even institutions in the community that do not belong to FENAUDE directly. Mr.Chau also mentioned the key ingredient, which is working in collaboration with others within their university sport community.


“It is always very positive to obtain feedback from those who are part of the federation since this approach allows you to broaden your view, learn about positions, ideas and visions that can be discussed and incorporated,” he said.


FENAUDE is currently carrying out its main mission, ensuring the promotion and development of physical education, sports, recreation, and healthy living within the institutions that it is composed of. With the purpose of contributing to the comprehensive training of future professionals, FENAUDE aspires to be recognised as a leader in sports development of higher education, while promoting sports competitions and development at the highest standard.


Written by José Tomás Pacheco Juri, 2021 FVLA candidate from Chile