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20 September 2018 | in FISU World University Championships, Netball

South Africa, hosts Uganda still unbeaten at WUC Netball

KAMPALA – USA are yet to win from four matches but that is not about to dampen their spirits. They have shown remarkable improvement after every game and almost even pulled off a win against Kenya yesterday. Netball is just taking root in USA. After at one point they led leading before eventually succumbing to more fourth defeat in the third World University Netball Championships at Makerere.


“For us this has been yet another learning point. Most of the girls on this team have hardly played netball for a year,” said Sonya Ottaway, the Netball America boss. It was team captain and goal shooter Amara Mbonwu again lifting USA before they succumbed to defeat to a more resilient Kenya at Makerere University new indoor facility.


Away from their short comings on court, USA have had a huge impact elswewhere. Yesterday they had spirited backing of youths from Mbuya slum- a Kampala suburb. With a KFC pack and a Coke each the youths cheered USA into an early lead. The American started off their trip to Uganda on Saturday with a friendly against the same youths in Mbuya.


“We want to reach out to the less privileged. It is important for my girls to realise that they have to give back to society,” explained Ottaway. Ottaway also dismissed the widely held belief in Kampala that USA is a very wealthy team. “Some of these are underprivileged. One of the is even homeless because her parents have issues with drugs. We also had to fundraise to make this trip.”

Sri Lanka like USA are also yet to win a match but have also had a lot to learn. “We knew we were coming into a very competitive event. Much as we are losing we have also had our lessons that will make us a much better team next time,” said wing attacker Tushani Ranawaka. One thing Sri Lanka will have to seriously consider is to scout for tall players. This was one area that accounted for their 133- 24 whipping by Uganda yesterday.


Uganda’s shooter Nuba Mary, standing at 6ft 7in, had a field day completely unchallenged in all aerial play. But Sri Lanka also had their moments with goal attacker Anjalee Amaradasa scoring from a distance. This always got the Ugandan defence, who were expecting a physical challenge, off guard. “Shooting from a distance is one area we shall have to perfect to overcome more physical sides like Uganda and South Africa,” stated an official.


Singapore, who lost to South Africa 92-11, were also of a similar view. “South Africa and Uganda are much bigger than us. We have to improve on our speed and shooting,” noted Singapore captain Tabitha Ong.

Day 1 results:

South Africa 117 USA 4

Zimbabwe 44 Sri Lanka 31

Singapore 39 Kenya 38

Uganda 102 USA 16


Day 2 results:

Uganda 105 v Kenya 15

South Africa116 v Sri Lanka 6

Zimbabwe 40 v USA 28

Uganda 77 v Singapore 19


Day 3 results:

Zimbabwe 28 v Kenya 41

South Africa 92 v Singapore 11

Uganda 133 v Sri Lanka 24

USA 40 v Kenya 44

South Africa 105 v Zimbabwe 12


Day 4 schedule:

10:00: Singapore v USA

1200: Sri Lanka v Kenya

14:00: Uganda v Zimbabwe

16:00: Singapore v Sri Lanka