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16 July 2016 | in World University Championships, Netball

2nd WUC Netball - Update Day 3


MIAMI - And the countdown is on. Today the semi-finals, tomorrow the finals. Each team is making its individual mark on the court and soon, we’ll have the ultimate match-off. South Africa opened up the day with Worcester putting up a great fight but ultimately, South Africa took the win at 71 to 30. Namibia and Australia played the next round, with Namibia folding to Australia at 61 to 44. Uganda then defeated Trinidad & Tobago, ending with a score of 33 to 50. Jamaica maintained their winning streak for their game against the U.S., scoring 98 to 9. A tough day, for sure, but today will really determine the finalists. Find more details and the results in the newsletter to download below.


(Source: WUC Netball OC)



Newsletter D 3