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31 January 2017 | in Winter FISU World University Games, Multisports

#WUAlmaty2017: French Athletes take to the Athletes’ Village Games Room to relax



ALMATY - It’s not all fun and games at the 2017 Winter Universiade, but for some athletes fun and games are the only way to relieve nerves before their big events.


And for that reason, this year’s Athletes’ Village comes equipped with a full games room with activities like table tennis, high striker game, motorcycle driving video games, a nordic skiing video game, boxing arcade game, table hockey, table football and more.


We met Yohan and Alexandre, French biathletes, who came here to use the extra time while waiting for their delayed bus. “It’s just good for relaxing,” said Yohan Huillier, as he stood on the skiing video game. “I’ve tried almost every game in [this games room].”


His domestic rival Alexandre Béréziat was attached to high striker game. “We haven’t really met athletes from other countries, but during the opening ceremony we’ve seen a lot of Canadians, Americans and Chinese.” He believes the game room makes a perfect meeting spot for all the nationalities. “Everyone loves to play,” says Alexandre, as he’s about to strike the puck again, as high as possible.


Kelcey Wright Johnson and Lucie Hrdličková, U-Media Reporters