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20 January 2016 | in Summer FISU World University Games, Multisports

Taipei City Government releases Demand List of 2017 SU



TAIPEI CITY – The 2017 Taipei Universiade Organising Committee released the demand list of the Games on 14 January, 2016.

The needs of the 2017 Taipei Universiade are widespread and diverse. There are 15 categories including transportation services, electronics, beverage, food, appliances, daily supplies, clothing, office equipment, sports equipment, medical supplies, construction, safeguard equipment, floor mats, artificial turf and miscellaneous items. Detailed information was posted on the official website of the Universiade. The Taipei OC is expecting the participation of the private sector to offer money, materials and goods as well as all kinds of resources to support the Games.

The Taipei OC has plot a business participation plan to solicit enterprises. Both domestic and international companies are welcomed to supply the Games’ needs. Apart from that, business companies can choose to join sponsors systems to enjoy specific rights and benefits. According to the Taipei Universiade sponsorship programme, the Taipei OC divided sponsor levels into four tiers by entry amount, and granted sponsor rights and benefits by tier, i.e. ‘Premium Official Partner’, ‘Official Partner’, ‘Official Sponsor’, and ‘Official Supplier’.

The sponsorship rights and benefit package is comprised of six main categories and over 30 sponsor rights or benefits. The six categories include the naming and logo rights, promotional and marketing benefits, PR benefits, on-site promotion benefits, event recap and other special benefits.

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(Source: Taipei OC 2017 SU)