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27 September 2012 | in Multisports, Summer FISU World University Games

Students give their Vision of what Universiade will look like in 3013

KAZAN - The Universiade in 1,000 Years Chalk Art Contest was held at the Universiade Village last week. During the contest students of Kazan Federal (Volga Region) University (KFU) demonstrated what the World University Games will look and feel like in 1,000 years' time.

Every year the Universiade Village's chalk art contest attracts a growing number of young people. This year was no exception. The central square of the Universiade Village brought together most gifted and enthusiastic students. All entries turned out to be truly unique and spectacular. The main characters on the pictures were athletes of the future and extraterrestrials. According to the contestants, the 3013 Summer Universiade will be again hosted by Kazan: they explained this vision by the fact that the capital of Tatarstan will keep the status of the sports capital in the years to come. 

Special acknowledgment was given to the image depicting the harmony of sports and peace. "These two subjects are important today and they will be of importance in 1,000 years," the contestants said. 

The criteria for selecting the best entries were creative concept and aesthetic beauty. 16 teams competed for the main trophy. Eventually it was students of KFU's Institute of Geology and Oil and Gas Technologies who claimed the first place, with the second-third places going to the Institute of Sociology and Mass Communications and Institute of History respectively.


(Source: Media Dept. Kazan 2013)