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24 October 2017 | in FISU, Winter FISU World University Games, Multisports

Krasnoyarsk 2019 impresses in latest inspection visit

Progress of the competition sport venues among the highlights FISU saw during its ninth visit to the Winter Universiade 2019 host city

 The city of Krasnoyarsk sits along the Yenisei River and is the next place to wave the FISU flag as host to the Winter Universiade in 2019

KRASNOYARSK, RUSSIAN FEDERATION – With just under 500 days to go until the 2019 Winter Universiade, FISU checked in on the progress and preparations of the Siberian city that is set to carry the FISU flame next.


During the nearly two-weeks of inspection visits, both the Winter Universiade International Technical Committee (CTI-UH) and the Winter Universiade Supervision Committee (CSU-H) visited Krasnoyarsk. For the latter, it was the committee’s first working visit to Krasnoyarsk.


During the entire period of preparation for the 29th edition of the Winter Universiade, FISU conducted nine inspection visits to monitor the preparations for the Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk.

 Winter Universiade International Technical Committee Chair Roger Roth speaks during a CTI meeting in Krasnoyarsk

The main goal of the visit was to inspect the Winter Universiade 2019 sports venues, as well as to assess the work and preparedness of the Executive Directorate in key functional areas.


The delegations visited both existing sports venues and construction sites for a host of sports arenas. Inspections included visits to the Regional Sports and Training Complex Winter Sports Academy, Universiade Village facilities, the Ice Arena in Partizana Zheleznyaka Street, and the ice stadium Yenisei, amongst others.


FISU representatives also inspected the transport infrastructure of the city, and approved both the sports programme and the test events plan of the Winter Universiade for 2018.  



The Winter Universiade Supervision Committee in Krasnoyarsk 

"The Directorate of the Winter Universiade 2019 did a lot of work within each functional area of preparation for the Games,” said Milan Augustin, FISU Winter Universiade Director. “Certainly there is still much to complete and we look forward to fruitful cooperation for the successful organization of the Winter Universiade.”


 Watching venues go from plans and diagrams to facilities that generations of people will use is one part of putting on major sport events that leaves a lasting legacy

In addition, the FISU CTI and CSU Chairs had a working meeting with Pavel Kolobkov, the Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation. Mr. Kolobkov visited Krasnoyarsk during the festive events dedicated to 500 days left before the start of the Winter Universiade 2019. The parties discussed the preparations for the Games and the legacy of the Winter Universiade for the development not only sports in Russia but mainly huge legacy for Krasnoyarsk region and student sports itself. 


FISU Vice President and Winter Universiade Supervision Committee Chair Marian Dymalski with Pavel Kolobkov, the Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation. The FISU CTI and CSU Chairs both had working meetings Mr. Kolobkov. 

FISU delegates came back happy to see the progress in the construction and preparation of the competition venues. Delegation members reminded the Krasnoyarsk 2019 Executive Directorate to pay special attention transport logistics during the Universiade, providing comfortable conditions and a high level of services for participants and the guests of the competitions. In addition, FISU representatives provided recommendations on the development of the Universiade Village and the medical services during the events.

 Krasnoyarsk 2019 Director General Maxim Urazov addresses the Winter Universiade International Technical Committee

"We are very grateful to our colleagues for their recommendations, said Maxim Urazov, Director General of the Winter Universiade 2019 Executive Directorate. “Their experience and expert knowledge will allow us to outline the milestones for further preparation for the Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk. During the visit, we received valuable recommendations on the sports programme, construction and services planning for the guests of the competitions.”


Added Mr. Urazov: “Without any doubt, all the advice will allow us to strengthen our work in further organization of the Winter Universiade."