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29 September 2014 | in Summer Universiade, Multisports

Gwangju SU Staff gains Hands-on Experience at Asian Games



GUOC members have been dispatched as supporting agents to the Incheon Asian Games. They are working at the Information center in the Athletes’ Village and are helping delegates on matters such as transportation, games information, HoD meeting dates etc.INCHEON/GWANGJU - The Gwangju Universiade Organizing Committee has been gaining hands-on experience by sending 37 of its members to 15 different fields at the Incheon Asian Games. The members that have been placed in each field will be working as supporting agents for the Incheon Asian Games, staying periods varying from 14 to 40 days.

The placement of GUOC members into the Incheon Asian Games is an opportunity for the OC to test out the venue operation plans that have been drawn up since 2009, when the Organising Committee was launched. The Incheon Asian Games is the perfect occasion to have actual games experience similar to that of the Gwangju Universiade, as it is an international sporting event, with 36 sport competitions being held in 49 different competition venues.

Members of the GUOC have been dispatched at the competition venues for timing and scoring competitions, as well as group and individual sports. The members have also been experiencing other various areas of the event, such as the Main Operation Center, Athletes’ Village, Media Village, Main Information Center, the airport, while also assisting in the torch relay.

Choi Jin-Ee, a member of the GUOC Competition Management Department, is currently participating in the Incheon Asian Games at the information center of the Athletes’ Village. She commented, Being here on-site is a great opportunity to get firsthand experience of the actual Games and is helpful in building up the ability to handle certain situations that can occur during the competitions.

The experience and know-how gathered from the Incheon Asian Games will be reflected on the plans being made for the Gwangju Universiade to prepare for a successful event.

Meanwhile, the GUOC has held test events for 5 sports during August and September and have reflected the results to the operation plans, while more test events, mainly focusing on timing competitions, will be held at the beginning of next year to improve real game time abilities.


(Source: GUOC 2015)