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28 September 2012 | in Multisports, Summer Universiade

Gwangju Legacy Programme

BRUSSELS - A general presentation of the Gwangju Legacy Programme was presented by representatives of the GUOC: Myoungsun LEE, Director Planning Division, Debra HAN, LOC Gwangju and Eun-Kyung KIM, Researcher WADA Educational Project.

Jennifer SCATLER, Manager of WADA Education as well as Roland QUESTEL, FISU Medical Committee Member attended this meeting which was chaired by Stefan BERGH, FISU Vice-President and CDSU Chair accompanied by 1st Assessor and CDSU Vice-Chair Alison ODELL.

From the FISU Staff, the CDSU department, composed by its Director Laurent BRIEL and Executive Assistant, Nicole MANGELSCHOTS and the Director of Education, Kole GJELOSHAJ participated at this meeting.

The program of the Gwangju Legacy Program was divided into different topics: Inter Korean Sports Exchange, Young Journalists Programme and the EPIC (E= Eco, P= Peace, I=Innovation and C= Culture) project, an integrating international mentoring program.

After a brief explanation of these topics, a general presentation of the WADA Educational project was made. The duration of this project is from 2011 up to 2015, with FISU/WADA and GUOC participation, with the task of developing an anti-doping educational textbook which can be used in the worldwide universities curriculum. The main target would be the 1st year students at universities. The goal is to develop an integrated textbook to raise the social-awareness on doping.

The description of the content of this project as well as the distribution of the tasks to reach this project were discussed, as well as the deadlines to be fixed, the agreement that this project will be coordinated by WADA, with a link to FISU and the discussion about the selection of Universities as pilot tests.

The draft of the content of this ebook will be presented by WADA in November.

The next meeting giving feedback on the work to be done was fixed for February 2013.


(Source: Nicole Mangelschots, Executive Assistant to Director Development & Special Projects)