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30 November 2011 | in Multisports, Other Events, NUSF News

Freshmen Student Games Finals in Gdansk


GDANSK – The month of November in Polish universities traditionally brings out the ‘Students of the First Years’ Championships’, a competition were freshmen compete in games prepared especially for them. This year these games were held in several cities: Gdansk, Poznan, Warszawa, Katowice, Krakow and Lublin. In each city students rivaled to qualify for the finals hosted by the Polish University Sports Association in Gdansk.  

Last weekend, the finals inGdanskgathered hundreds of participants. Students competed in seven disciplines: cross country, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, futsal, swimming as well as ergometers. 

The best athletes were from teams fromPoznanandGdansk, which obtained 62 points each after all competitions. The biggest cup of the games finally went to the host of the Final –Gdansk, who noted more triumphs in individual disciplines. Students from this beautiful city on the north of Poland won competitions in table tennis, women’s volleyball and men’s swimming.  

The team fromPoznanachieved victory in only one discipline less than Gdansk – men’s volleyball and basketball, as well as in women’s ergometer.Poznanstudents noted six second places in individual disciplines, what landed them in second place.     

Ladies from Warszawa were the best in cross country and basketball competitions. Their team triumphed in cross country. It gaveWarsawthe third place on podium. 

The 2nd Finals of the ‘Games for First Year Students’ was not only a sport event. To integrate students from the whole country, the organizers also prepared a cultural program.


(Source: Malgorzata Misiurek, AZS - photos Maja Stefanska)