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24 June 2015 | in Universiade 2015, NUSF News, Summer Universiade, Multisports

Dreaming from Kazan to Gwangju



BUENOS AIRES - Seven Argentinian athletes are going to participate in their second Universiade, after having competed at Kazan 2013. They all share the same enthusiasm and confidence in outdoing the performance they had 2 years ago.

A total number of 7 athletes that Argentina is sending to Gwangju 2015 as part of its delegation are going to compete at their second Summer Universiade. They are the swimmers Belén García Núñez and Joaquín Serra, athletes Nicolás Martina and Agustín Carrera, and shooters Sofía Lamarque, Román Lastretti and María de los Reyes Cardelino.

Belén García Núñez competed in 50m, 100m and 200m backstroke at Kazan 2013. However, she could not qualify for the following round in any of those events. “I did not perform well back then. But I am much better prepared now and more motivated for Gwangju 2015, where I am going to participate in the same races,” she assured. In spite of the fact that she was not satisfied with her performance, she had a great time and was impressed by the Opening Ceremony. “They even went to space. I cannot even think of what they are going to do for this year’s Universiade. I expect but the best!”, she said.

Joaquín Serra is the other Argentinian swimmer who took part in the competitions at Kazan 2013 and is also going to participate at Gwangju 2015. “I remember the huge crowd that attended the swimming events in Kazan. That experience will definitely help me be more relaxed in the next Summer Universiade,” he said. “I expect to set new personal records in the 50m breaststroke, 50m and 100m freestyle and 4x100m freestyle”, he added.

Agustín Carrera is ready for Gwangju

Nicolás Martina and Agustín Carrera are two of the Argentinian representatives in athletics that will compete at Gwangju 2015. The former in the men’s shot put event, while the latter in the 110m hurdles. “I feel very well, just with some pain, but that is common in this sport,” Nicolás said. “I want to reach the 18m. That would allow me to be among the athletes who will be closer to qualify for the final.” He also remembers his experience in Kazan as a truly unique one. “It was so great! I have lots of good memories, especially of the volunteers that collaborated during the Universiade. They were willing to help all the time, always with a smile,” he stated. Agustín also wants to get to the final race, even though he admits “there will be a high competitive level.” “Being part of the Summer Universiade is both a dream come true and a privilege. Besides, Gwangju 2015 will be especially important for Argentina as it will attend the event with the largest delegation ever. Awesome!”, he said. Carrera is also going to be the Argentinian flag bearer at the Opening Ceremony. “I cannot express how proud, happy and grateful I am,” he assured.

Sofía Lamarque at the Opening Ceremony of the 2013 SU in Kazan

Despite her young age, Sofía Lamarque, 21, is going to compete at her second Summer Universiade. “As soon as I got back from Kazan I set participating in Gwangju as my next main objective. Competing in such a huge multi-sport event is an unforgettable experience.” She is going to take part in two events: 10m air rifle and 50m rifle 3 positions. “I feel I will perform better than I did in Kazan as I will be emotionally better prepared and more mature,” she said. “I remember talking to people from all around the world, who knew about my country mainly because of footballer Lionel Messi’s and Pope Francis’ popularity.”

Shooter Román Lastretti is participating in his second Summer Universiade in just a few days. “At this kind of events, you breathe an atmosphere that is full of happiness, joy and partnership,” he said. Román is going to compete at 25m rapid fire and 25m standard pistol. “I have been following the preparations for the Universiade and it seems it will be even bigger and greater than Kazan 2013. I am so excited!”, he added.

María de los Reyes Cardelino is going to compete at the 10m air rifle women’s event, in which she wants to outdo her performance at Kazan 2013, where she could not qualify for the final. “I am now a better shooter and a more experienced one, that is why I fully believe in my skills,” she assured. “I am especially interested in getting to know more about the Korean culture,” she said.

Even though he is not an athlete but the volleyball coach, Waldo Kantor will also attend his second Summer Universiade. “We are working very hard and the players feel well, really confident. They are very enthusiastic and that is what compensates the lack of time to work.”

Gymnast Darya Shara also has experience in multi-sports events, as she has already competed at the South American and at the Pan-American Games before. Anyway, this is going to be her first participation at a Summer Universiade. “I think Gwangju 2015 will be the biggest and greatest event I have ever been to”, she said. “These are my last competitive years and I believe this can be the perfect ending to my career.”


Hernán Goldzycher (ARG), FISU U-Media Reporter