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14 July 2015 | in Universiade 2015, Summer FISU World University Games, Multisports, Young Reporters Programme

A Round of Applause to ... the 12 FISU Young Reporters!

GWANGJU – When they applied for the 3rd FISU Young Reporters’ Programme, 12 youngsters didn’t realise they were embarking on an ‘epic’ adventure they probably will cherish for a lifetime. Twelve young aspiring journos also ‘ran’ a marathon during this Universiade. Together with their 12 Korean peers, they spent hours hitting their keyboards, interviewing athletes, talking to volunteers, looking for a creative angle for their next human interest story for the FISU website. Beating their nerve-wrecking deadlines, they succeeded in giving our readers an insight in the Universiade as never before. Surely, they drank too much coffee, skipped some lunches and at times never got to eat that well-deserved dinner … but they got the job done. As coordinator of the Young Reporters’ Programme, I’m proud of their work. It’s only fair to give them the last word … before saying 'Gwangju Roger Out'


C. Pierre, Press Officer


The 12 international FISU Young Reporters with MCC Chair Verena Burk, YRP Coordinator Christian Pierre and Mentor Andrej Pisl

Megan McPhaden (CAN): "The FISU Young Reporter's programme has been the most amazing experience. From interviewing Olympians to hearing from speakers like FISU President Claude-Louis Gallien, the programme has provided a whirlwind educational experience into the wonderful world of multi-sport events. I only wish I could start it all over again tomorrow."

Lizzy Whitbeck (USA): “I am forever grateful for this once in a lifetime experience that exceeded my expectations and more. We were given all the tools to be successful, while being pushed further than we thought we could go. Nowhere else would I have had the opportunity to be exposed to a multi-sporting event parallel to the Olympics. This unique programme provided me with an invaluable experience that developed my skills while helping me expand my network with professionals in the industry.”

Mahmoud Khairy (EGY): I came here as a reporter who knew only about one sport – football - and came out of the programme with a good knowledge of about almost 21 sports. It was a once in a life time experience, which changed me forever. I would recommend anyone to go for it and apply for such an amazing programme, under the supervision of a real professional mentors.”

Lucie Hrdličková (CZE): To be a part of the Young Reporters' Programme was a huge experience - not only I have improved in delivering articles, but it was also a big school of life. We've been "thrown into the Ocean" and soon we found ourselves that we can actually swim in it. I also tried to speak and stand in front of the camera and I have more confidence in my journalistic skills now. I have met new friends from all around the world. This internship will be surly beneficial for my future career and I am very grateful for the chance I have been given.”

Chidiebere Ezeanie (NGR): This has been a memorable summer, I leave this event a better journalist than I was, this will certainly serve as a stepping stone to greater things and it’s all thanks to this wonderful programme.”

Henda Maarfi (TUN): An excellent programme, professional tutors, rich content and inspiring speakers. This is the minimum that I can say about the YRP, a programme that aims to develop youth skills in communication and reporting not only about sport but also about cultural events, conferences etc. The YRP is an educational programme that I recommend any one to apply for it. It is simply THE best experience of my life.”

Lubov Kudelko (BLR): “It was such an intensive journey for me: sometimes very complicated, sometimes very pleasant. However, I am very thankful for this programme because I returned to journalism again, I felt speed of life and caught the pace. In addition, I met unique and successful people here who taught me to be open-minded and tolerant. I hope we meet again someday.”

Max Länge (GER): The Young Reporters’ Programme has been an intense and amazing roller coaster ride with lots of ups and downs. But no matter how low it took us when we struggled, no matter how high we went after finishing another piece of work, the learning experience was always bigger than failure or success. I couldn’t be any prouder of and thankful to the people who sat next to me on this ride.”

Jiang Kaixiao (CHN): “This programme is the best I have ever been in, it opened another path of my mind, and may change my life.”

Davis Harrison (AUS): “Beforehand, expectations. Afterwards, expectations; both were entirely different. I didn't know what would happen coming in to the Universiade, other than a lot of writing, reporting and photography. From the moment I landed in Gwangju, it was like we were royalty. I had the time of my life up close to the action, sending in articles on frenetic deadlines and interviewing international athletes. Words aren't enough to describe the 13 days of incredible moments I witnessed.”

Dania Abdullah (PAK): “Young reporters program has been the most amazing experience of my life. It has helped me understand my potential and overcome my weaknesses. I look forward to implement what I have learned in these 2 weeks and carry FISU's legacy.”

Karen Quintero (COL): “Simply the best I’ve experienced!”