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29 April 2014 | in Summer FISU World University Games, Meetings, Multisports

2017 Taipei Universiade, 1st CTI Inspection Visit

TAIPEI CITY - Summer Universiade director Marc Vandenplas, director of media and communications Dejan Susovic, Summer Universiade manager Jing Zhao along with FISU Technical Delegates led by its Chairman, William John Warnock have all made the trip to Taipei city for an initial inspection of the proposed venues and suggesting to improve on facilities and organizational capabilities. This inspection will take place in Taipei city from 27th of April till 7th of May, 2014.

The delegation will also be focusing its visit on a variety of inspection meetings on-site of venues and certain areas of preparation, such as competition sports; food and beverage; Information technology and communication systems; security; accreditation; and television and media, which are professional fields in need of highly specialized knowledge, in order to prepare for a successful event.

The visit also gave Taipei 2017 the opportunity to seek in-depth expert advice on venues, facilities, and competitions for the games, which were highlighted as key areas for this stage of preparation during this inspection in April.

It is expected for CTI and Taipei OC to exchange ideas on stadium conditions in each venue, and also construct international-standard operation system.

This inspection visit is extremely important as Taipei will host a Universiade for the first time ever.


Source 2017 Universiade OC