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31 July 2017 | in Multisports, Summer Universiade

2017 SU Torch Relay continues on its LOVE route across Chinese Taipei


YUNLIN - The torch relay is now following a LOVE shaped route as it links 22 counties and cities across Chinese Taipei. After the completion of the L and O parts of the route, the V shaped part of the relay began. Starting in Taitung County, it moved to Pingtung County, Kaohsiung City and then Chiayi County. Now the fifth and the latest stop being Yunlin County.


Taipei Universiade Organising Committee (TUOC) Deputy CEO Fang-Fan Cheng, together with Taipei’s torchbearer, Yi-Zhen Lee handed the torch to Yunlin County Magistrate, Chin-Yung Lee in front of Yunlin Story House


The handover ceremony was held at Yunlin Story House at 8:45 am. To open the event, the host unit, the Department of Education of Yunlin County Government, arranged for a hand puppet performance, the Sichuan Opera Face Changing Illusion, by Xiu-Wen Li, fourth generation successor of hand puppet master Hai-Dai Huang, at the side of Yunlin Hand Puppet Museum, displayed distinctive local culture. There was also another performance by South of the Clouds, an orchestra comprising of pupils and teachers from Xingchang Elementary School. Taipei Universiade Organising Committee (TUOC) attached a lot of importance to the Yunlin relay and invited Fang-Fan Cheng, Director of Department of Sports of Taipei City Government, to represent Taipei City Mayor Ko, together with Taipei City’s torchbearer Yi-Zhen Lee, as she handed over the torch, representing the spirit of Love and Peace, to Yunlin County Magistrate Chin-Yung Lee. Yi-Zhen Lee, who won a gold medal in the women’s table tennis doubles and a silver medal in the team event at the Kazan Universiade in 2013, she also won the bronze medal in the table tennis women’s team event at the 2011 Universiade. Her previous Universiade success made her fully qualified to serve as Taipei’s torchbearer. In his speech, Magistrate Lee stated that the Universiade is a sporting event that ranks second only to the Olympics, by hosting this grand event will allow the world to see Chinese Taipei. He said he was very proud that the sacred flame’s arrival in Yunlin, made the county the focus of the world. The magistrate also said that Huwei Township, where the relay was held, is the home of hand puppetry in Chinese Taipei and also achieved the miracle in the 2017 Taipei Lantern Festival as it was the host of the event. He wished Taipei Universiade every success and hoped it lights up Chinese Taipei and creates a positive impression for both Taipei and Chinese Taipei to the rest of the world.


Magistrate Lee as Yunlin County’s 1st torchbearer


The Yunlin relay route started at Yunlin Story House, then it passed Yunlin Hand Puppet Museum, Huwei Contract Office Building, and finished at SL Towel Tourism Factory. It was 2.2 kilometers in length. Magistrate Chin-Yung Lee served as the first torchbearer, then handed the torch to Shu-Ying You, chairperson of the High School Sport Promotion Committee of Yunlin County and principal of Dounan Senior High School, who then passed the torch to the last torchbearer, Zhi-Heng Kuo, President of the Sport Association of Yunlin County, who himself was also a successful athlete. From 2002, for over 10 years, Kuo took part in the National Masters Athletics Championship and International Invitation Competition, and won multiple gold medals in the long jump and javelin on a number of occasions in the 35, 40 and 45-year-old age groups. Yunlin Hand Puppet Museum was once the Huwei Township Administration and the Police Command Center, which was completed in 1920. It is a now a county-listed historic site and an important cultural venue in Yunlin. Huwei Contract Office Building was completed in 1930 and was once a disaster rescue building during the Japanese Colonial Period. It is now a historic building that houses Yunlin’s first Eslite Bookstore. From 1970s to 1990s, Huwei Township was the home of more than 300 downstream towel factories. Changes within the industrial structure led to the decline of the industry, an industry that had prospered for decades. Seeing this change within the industry, SL Textiles, founded in 1979, established the SL Towel Tourist Factory in 2008. Its innovative cake-shaped towel dolls were well received by the market, thus created new values for the traditional industry. SL Textile is a model example of traditional industry company expending new markets. Making the aforementioned buildings part of the relay route was intended to highlight successful examples of the active re-use of old buildings and traditional industry creativity in Huwei.


Shu-Ying You, principal of Dounan Senior High School, as the 2nd torchbearer


(Source: 2017 Taipei OC)