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29 January 2016 | in Summer FISU World University Games, Multisports

2017 SU: From Planning Phase into Readiness Phase


TAIPEI CITY - Stepping into the year of 2016, the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei is approaching, and the Organising Committee is turning from its planning phase into readiness phase. All the preparation works are being conducted in tight schedules, and an inspection visit by FISU, consisted of the Summer Universiade Director, Marc Vandenplas, the Summer Universiade Manager, Jing Zhao and the Head of Marketing and Sales, Stephane Mottaz, has been organised from 27 to 29 January 2016 in order to assist the Organising Committee in its preparation.

Mottaz, Vandenplas & Zhao 

During the three-day visit, the Taipei Organising Committee presented detailed reports and discussed with the FISU delegates on issues of marketing, food and beverage, transportations, competition management, venues and infrastructure as well as the Athletes’ Village. A site visit on the construction and spatial plan of the Athletes’ Village was also organised to understand the progress and operational planning of the Village. During the meetings, the FISU delegates shared their experiences with the Organising Committee and provided professional input for the latter to further improve their preparation work.  

 Athletes’ Village Inspection

A final meeting was held on the afternoon of 29 January, chaired by the CEO of the Taipei Organising Committee Ms. Li Chiung Su. During the final meeting, the FISU delegates summarised the key points from this visit and emphasised the importance of close communication and collaboration between the Organising Committee and FISU in the coming 18 months. Ms. Su expressed her appreciation to the FISU delegates on their support, and confirmed as the first FISU inspection of the year, this visit was extremely important for their transition towards the next steps. The Organising Committee will for sure do its best in order to deliver a successful Universiade.

(Source: OC Taipei City 2017)