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28 April 2011 | in Multisports, Summer World University Games

2015 SU Update: Comprehensive Action Plan for Gwangju Universiade


GWANGJU - The Universiade Action Plan, covering everything from accreditation, arrival & departure, and village check-in to competition has recently been completed.

The 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade Committee said that: “The Universiade 'Master Plan' was completed last year, and now this Action Plan, covering the operational procedures of the 21 sporting events, will complement and support it.”

The Action Plan is a logical sequence of actions the Organizing Committee shall optimally respond to each operational case including events, athletes’ village, human resources, transport, medical support, anti-doping control, media, ceremonies, international cooperation, cultural events, admission, IT system and others. The committee started planning details in March 2010 immediately after completing the Master Plan, and it has taken over a year to finalize the 6,500-page document.

The Action Plan was built on the views and expertise of around 20 specialists, including organizers from the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, members of the Seoul 1998 Summer Olympics committee, international sports journalists, and marketing, advertising and promotional consultants etc. They considered Gwangju’s present situation, as well as predicting how it might change in the next 4-5 years, to ensure the plan is realistic and viable.

They systematically sorted, classified and coded different organizational sections, from the outset of the Universiade’s planning through to its conclusion, categorizing and detailing areas such as requisite human resources, supplies and equipment, managing athletes and media, work process flow, specialist know-how and so on.

“This is the most systematic and detailed composition I’ve ever seen”, said Yoon-yeong Lee, a U.S. National Collegiate Athletic Association member, and part of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic management.

The Universiade Committee will later draw up a Standard Operating Procedure, and a Venue Operating Procedure, based on the wider Action Plan.


(Source: Gwangju OC)