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15 September 2020 | in International Day Of University Sport, Meetings

IDUS celebrations with FISU Student Committee

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Want to participate in the International Day of University Sport (IDUS), but don’t exactly how? The FISU Student Committee has an idea that will ensure you have your plans in place – at least for next year!


As part of the 2020 IDUS initiatives, the young and enthusiastic members of the Student Committee are hosting an open webinar on 20 September, that will focus on giving National University Sports Federation (NUSF) representatives concepts and tips on how to plan and execute an IDUS event.


CdE meeting 2Due to the international composition of the participants and the geographical range from Americas to Oceania, the virtual session has been planned from 15:00 – 16:30 CEST, ensuring all can participate. The seminar will focus on ‘How to organise your own IDUS celebrations’ as well as student participation in university sport in general.


It is a great opportunity for all those involved with the university sports movement to come together and share ideas. Registrations are open here; don’t lose time!


This concept for this seminar was finalised at the recent meeting of the Student Committee, chaired by Emiliano Ojea. In addition to preparations for IDUS, the committee members also discussed a report on the recently concluded FISU World Forum as well as reports from other committees, to which at least one of the Student Committee members is appointed.


While earlier meetings were used to determine aims and objectives, and allocate tasks to the committee members, the Student Committee is now working on their ‘Terms of Reference’ – a document that will include the aims, objectives, responsibilities and timelines for Student Committee activities.


Student Committee member Mercy Lakisa says, “It was very useful to have a recap of some FISU events and I am now looking forward to very fruitful IDUS celebrations.”


So are we, Mercy!


Registrations for IDUS seminar on 20 September: here