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27 April 2010 | in Meetings

FISU at SportAccord

F.l.t.r.: Laurent Briel, Stefan Bergh, Arto Ahola, Risto Nieminen, Eric Saintrond & George E. Killian


Dubai - FISU has inaugurated its promotional booth at the 2010 SportAccord Convention in Dubai, UAE in the presence of FISU President George E. Killian, Vice-President Stefan Bergh, Secretary-General/CEO Eric Saintrond and Directors Marc Vandenplas (SU), Milan Augustin (WU) and Laurent Briel (WUC).

Since its opening, the FISU promo booth has welcomed quite some visitors, representatives from cities and federations interested to gather more information about FISU, its program, its projects and possibilities for future collaboration …

At the same time an opportunity for the FISU delegates to meet representatives of companies that are active in the world of sports.

Since President Killian is present at the promo booth, several sport authorities came to say hello to our President. It was also an opportunity to see old friends from the FISU Family, such as former assessor Risto Nieminen and former CIC member Arto Ahola from Finland.


The FISU promo booth in Dubai