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26 March 2010 | in Meetings

ADEPS Sports Directors Meet at FISUHQ


Yesterday, March 26th, the Sports Directors of ADEPS, the sports administration of the French-speaking region in Belgium, visited the FISU Headquarters ‘Château de la Solitude’ in Brussels, Belgium. They were warmly welcomed by FISU Secretary-General/CEO Eric Saintrond who made an in-depth presentation of FISU.

FISU SG/CEO Eric SaintrondOne of the Directors, Mr. Michel Franic, was a former participant of the Universiade. He participated with the Belgian Basketball squad at the 1987 Summer Universiade in Zagreb, at that time part of Yugoslavia. Mr. Franic still has fond memories of these Games. ‘We had a pretty good team with some players from the national squad. I was very much impressed by the Universiade as for me it was like the Olympics but on a smaller scale. A similar professional organization, but with a more relaxed atmosphere, the athletes being students. We ended 13th out of 30 teams and we started the tournament against Team USA, which for us was quite an experience. The Athletes’ Village was fun sitting at the table with other nationalities and athletes from other sports and seeing all these different cultures.’

FISU Media also talked to René Hamaite, the ADEPS Director-General for Sport, who was present at the 2009 Summer Universiade in Belgrade as BUSF Guest. ‘I think university sport plays an important role in society. University sport is a stepping stone for those athletes who might pursue a professional career. When their career is finished they have a degree the fall back on. I pleasantly experienced Belgrade. It was my first Universiade I attended and I was enchanted by the atmosphere’, said Mr. Hamaite.


Christian Pierre, FISU Press Officer




Michel Franic & René Hamaite