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02 July 2014 | in World University Championships, Match Racing

7th WUC Match Racing - Day 2 of Competitions




LAGO DI LEDRA - A strong atmospheric instability marked the second day of racing at the 7th World University Match Racing Championship on Lake Ledro. A lot of wind-shifts were recorded during four hours of competition, from 12.30 to 16.30, with sudden intensity changes from 8 to 0 knots. Variability and instability that have put a strain on the ability of skippers and crews.

After 43 matches of yesterday, 32 have been held today, for a total of about two-thirds of the games in the preliminary stages of the Championship (109 races in the programme, before moving to the higher level).

18 recorded matches yesterday for the Open Category, with the confirmation of the results obtained since the first day by the boats of Japan (helmed by Koehl Ichikawa), Australia 2 (Jay Griffin), Singapore2 (Sean Lee), Brazil (Philip Grochtmann) who scored two wins each one. Only one match won by the boats of the U.S. (Nevin Snow), Canada2 (Jason Hearst), Italia 1 (Valerio Galati), Germany (Adrian Maier-Ring), Poland (Tymon Sadowski), GBR2 (Connor Miller), Australia1 (Samuel Gilmour).

14 races were sailed in the Female category, seeing the crews of France (Pauline Courtois), Great Britain (Annabel Vose), and Brazil1 (with Juliana Motta Poncioni at the helm), with three wins each. The boats of Italy (Wetzk Federica) and Singapore (Denise Lim), each clocked two wins, while the female crew of Brasile2 (Marina Jardim Cardia) marked just one victory.

A day of racing, which, after all was peaceful without any penalties, but interesting battles shaping up the competition towards the last day of the preliminaries.

Photos of the races and video interviews are available and can be downloaded here.

(Source: Paola Malcotti & Cecilia Foletto, WUCOC)



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