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02 November 2011 | in Judo, Other Events

Former SU Champion New Judo Open World Champion

The final fight between Tangriev and Bor


TYUMEN - The second day of the 2011 Open Judo World Championships in Tyumen offered many interesting fights in the Open men’s category. The new World Champion is the Uzbek Abdullo TANGRIEV, silver medallist from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and gold medallist at the 2003 Summer Universiade in Daegu, Korea.

A victorious TangrievOnly two favorites qualified for the semi-finals: the 2004 Olympic Champion Keiji SUZUKI (Japan) and Abdullo TANGRIEV. The other two semi-finalists were Barna BOR (Hungary), bronze at the 2009 European Championships, and Sung-Min KIM (Korea).

The quarter-finals were very tense. In the first fight, Abdullo TANGRIEV (Uzbekistan) defeated the bronze medallist at the 2010 World Championships, Hiroki TACHIYAMA (Japan). In the semi-finals TANGRIEV won, after the Golden Score, at hantei, the first combat against Sung-Min KIM (Korea). The Olympic Champion Keiji SUZUKI (Japan) was defeated by the young Hungarian judoka Barna BOR by ippon (sasae tsuomi ashi). The final offered a very tight contest. Former SU Champion Abdullo TANGRIEV won the World title against the Hungarian judoka Barna BOR by ippon (uranage).


(Source: IJF Media)


A happy World Champion