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10 October 2020 | in NUSF News, International Day Of University Sport

Successful first ever adh Hochschullauf digital for IDUS

adh Hochschullauf 5aFor the first time ever, the German University Sports Federation (adh) together with its health care partner die Techniker hosted adh-Hochschullauf digital to celebrate the International Day of University Sports (IDUS).


On September 20, 2020, 473 students, university staff and alumni from 70 adh member universities competed in the inaugural event edition. Everyone participating was asked to walk or run as many kilometres and metres of climbing within a maximum of one hour.


Altogether the field of the adh-Hochschullauf digital covered a total distance of 4,354.07 kilometres, roughly the same as the distance from Lisbon to Moscow. The total number of metres of climbing gained was also enormous. 45,579.82 metres of climbing is more than five times higher than Mount Everest.


Close battle for the win

The best individual, however, was marathon specialist Hendrik Pfeiffer. The student from the Technical University of Dortmund had covered 17.48 kilometres (29 metres of climbing) in 60 minutes - just ten metres more than Alexander Hirschhäuser from the Philipps University of Marburg was able to run (17.47km, 50 m).


Third place went to Philipp Reinhardt, who started for the University of Jena, with 16.90 kilometres (45 m).


The best female participant was Lea Weike from the University of Paderborn in fifteenth place overall with an outstanding result of 14.92 kilometres and 23 metres of climbing.


The virtual women’s podium was rounded off by Carmen Godel (University of Konstanz, 13.94 km, 118 m) and Anna-Lena Stockmeier (University of Paderborn, 13.31 km, 32 m).


adh Hochschullauf 1a

Uni Göttingen best University

The University of Göttingen secured the overall victory in the university ranking with 44 active runners and therefore almost one tenth of all participants. The Technical University of Dortmund came in second thanks to 31 represents, followed by the Technical University of Clausthal, whose 27 runners also climbed the most (4,430.30 m).


adh satisfied with first edition

Jörg Förster, chairman of the adh board, drew a positive line under the inaugural event edition, which enabled all participants to do sport together despite social distancing and regardless of their individual performance level: "At this first nationwide event and facing restrictions imposed by the pandemic, 473 participants are a good basis for further developing the format.


On behalf of the participants and the organisers, I would like to thank our partners who supported this competition with attractive prizes.”


Further information on the event as well as all results are available online.


All photos (© Runa Kinitz) taken during a photo challenge hosted by Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena during adh-Hochschullauf digital


adh Hochschullauf 4a adh Hochschullauf 2a