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04 August 2017 | in Hosting, FISU, NUSF News, Summer Universiade, Multisports

Meet the Interns

Five future sports leaders will be in Taipei to help FISU in knowledge management – a programme that helps the Federation stay on the leading edge of sustainability, strategic planning and event operations



In total, the Taipei Summer Universiade will rely on a team of 19,000 volunteers  

Having a knowledge management programme in place is essential for FISU to help future organising committees develop a customized event plan and then assist in the plan’s execution.




To gain an in-depth understanding of a large-scale sport event like the Taipei Summer Universiade 2017 that has 7,900 athletes competing in 21 sports over 12 days starts with compiling mountains of data, FISU has enlisted the assistance of these five elite interns.




Effective strategic planning takes this pile raw data and synthesizes it in a way to discover best practices. With legacy and sustainability at the core of FISU, strategic planning and operational integration for future sports events is underway in Taipei.




FISU brought on five future sports leaders to help execute this project in Taipei. Each young leader earned their internship during the Universiade with a stand-out performance at last month’s FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy in Kazan, Russia.


Now, It’s time to meet the interns.





Anna Edes






The Hungarian duo of Anna (L) and Anett, here with their Taipei internships awards, will both be working on the project


Job: Event Manager at the Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation



School: University of Peloponnese - International Olympic Academy



Hometown: Gyor, Hungary




What do you expect you will be doing during the Taipei Summer Universiade?



My expectation regarding our tasks in Taipei is that we will be working closely together with FISU Staff and the Organising Committee which allows us to have a great insight in the work of FISU, as well as in the organisation of the Universiade, ensuring valuable experiences for our future career. I hope that we will have the chance the look behind the scenes and learn a lot while contributing to the success of the event.



What have you been getting ready for your volunteering role in Taipei?



Before arriving to Taipei, I would like to know as much as possible about the city, the country and the event itself in order to be well prepared for my tasks. I follow the Universiade news every day and I went through the event website, FISU website and other websites that might be useful for us to become familiar with the venues, sports, activities and other details. We are in touch on a daily basis with the other participants who are going to Taipei so that we can prepare together for our role at the Universiade.




Anett Fodor


 Anett gets some media training experience by working in front of the television lens




Job: Secretary General - Budapest Sports Union



School: Sport Management master student - University of Physical Education, Hungary



Favorite Quote: “I always wanted it the most, that was my talent.“ – Tibor Benedek, three-time Olympic Champion water polo player.






Anett, just last week you were a Competition Coordinator, working with all the volunteers for the FINA Swimming World Championships in your hometown to Budapest, Hungary. How did you get your start in volunteering?




Hungary has a big tradition in swimming, thanks to its outstanding sport diplomacy the country hosted many professional sport events at the past 11 years. In 2010 Budapest hosted the European Swimming Championship and I applied as a volunteer.



Volunteering at this championships was greatest experience I had and I got so crazy for it. I started to travel for other European Swimming Championships all over Europe, spending from my own savings. After a while it became my profession, and today I can say I have worked at six European Championships and three World Championships.



Now that you’re working in sports, where do you hope to lead in this arena?




I have always sought job opportunities at international federations and my way to university sport has led me to follow through with my high interests in international sport management and diplomacy. After the Universiade to Taipei I will work with EUSA (European University Sports Association) on a strategic partnership project that focuses on gender equality in university sport.





Majo Mena




Mena accepting the internship position to Taipei during the volunteers academy in Kazan. ANO Image © All Rights Reserved.  


School: Studying Industrial Chemistry



Hometown: San Isidro del General, San José, Costa Rica



Majo, why do you want to work in sports?



For many years I have practiced taekwondo. I got my start in sports when I was young. They are an activity that is good for you and also a way to meet new people and learn from them. I love to be in a sportive environment, to be there and feel the passion, the support athletes give to each other and the large amount of feelings around. There is happiness and sadness and the adrenaline that you feel when you are watching a game.



What is it about interning at the Universiade that appeals to you?




Even though I have experience in volunteering, this is going to be my first big sports event like this and what would be better than starting at the Summer Universiade? I am really happy and I will try my best everyday with every work because I know it can open new doors and opportunities in the future.






Shonisani Masutha




 Masutha (L) and another volunteer academy attendee between courses in Kazan, Russia


School: University of Venda



Studies: Masters in Public Health       Hometown: Biaba Nzhelele, South Africa




How have you been getting ready for your role in Taipei?





I have been researching on various data collection techniques just to familiarise myself with new trends as well as refreshing the knowledge I already have on data collection.



How much are you looking forward to working in Taipei?




I am beyond words. The team of data collectors happens to be the top five winners in the FISU Volunteers Leadership Academy 2017. I am certain, without doubt, that they are hardworking, enthusiastic and are a team that sees no obstacles as a boundary. I am challenged to bring my A game. I am going to enjoy their presence once again.




Timothy King Derry


 Derry embraces President Matytsin after learning he'd be heading to Taipei to intern for FISU at the Summer Universiade. ANO Image © All Rights Reserved






Job: Masters Student / Physical Education teacher’s aide



Hometown: Beaucarro, Freeport



Country: Trinidad & Tobago





When you were making your summer plans, did you ever think you’d be packing your bags to Taipei City?



When I was selected to represent my country to attend last month’s Future Volunteer Leaders Academy, I considered it an honor and it was my first international experience. I never would have thought that today I would be packing my bags to work alongside the FISU team in Chinese Taipei, delivering the Summer Universiade. I promise to make the most of this opportunity.



How do you see having this experience helping your professional career?



I am going to be able to put to practice what I learned in my executive masters in sports management courses at the University of Trinidad and Tobago.



It’s going to help me improve my communication and leadership skills as well as time management skills, just to name a few.



I will try and bring all this back with me to Trinidad and Tobago where sport management is concerned. It is also something that will give my resume a boost, to be honest. Who know, maybe one day I might be privileged enough to be offered a permanent position within FISU.