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28 June 2012 | in Handball, World University Championships

Medical Team at Athlete Disposition during the 21st WUC Handball

BLUMENAU - While the athletes go on the pitch, a whole crew of health professionals works on the sidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of all players and give aid in case of need during the 21st World University Handball Championship in Blumenau, Brazil.

The health team coordinator from the Brazilian University Sport Confederation (CBDU), Denis Peres, explains that the crew hired for the WUC consists of 12 professionals, among physiotherapists, doctors, paramedics, a nutritionist and a driver, and that the attendance is divided in 5 action points.

The firsDenis Perest point, which is inside the male and female courts, is composed of physiotherapists. They are the ones who make the first assessment in case the team does not have someone from the delegation to answer, or if this professional needs help

The second point is outside the court and is composed by a doctor, a nurse, a paramedic/driver. But in case a need to remove the athlete from the court presents itself, the attendance should be taken to point 3, where a deeper evaluation can be made, where there is a rest room.

The fourth point is an ambulance, mobile ICU located at the gymnasium door with free access to get to the athlete. And last but not least, three hospitals in the city, two private and one public, are prepared, says the coordinator. “Today we have a complete structure concerning equipment, materials, and professionals to serve well the athletes”, he highlights.

According to Denis, all of the procedures are applied and recommended by the medical department of CBDU, which foresees a fast and efficient aid to the participants in case it is necessary.

Maria Beatriz Schmit, the head of the medic team, explains that with such a structure, you may perform any procedure that needs medical assistance in a competition this big. “We can attend from the smallest traumas, such as bandages on smaller wounds to more serious lesions that might happen to high level athletes, besides, we are ready for the more severe incurrence, such as a cardio-respiratory arrest or head traumas that are more serious”, reassures the doctor who highlights that the team possesses a defibrillator for any kind of sudden illness.

The doctor affirms that, in the first few days of the Championship, no serious medical procedure was necessary.

Beside the CBDU professional of the medical department, the WUC Handball has the support of the Health Minister of Blumenau who provided all hospitals in town to be part of the event.


(Source: Mariley Carneiro, OC - Photos by Thiago Parmalat)