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29 August 2010 | in Futsal, World University Championships

2010 WUC Futsal Update: Day 5 of Competitions



Men’s Tournament                                                    

Semi-finals of Upper Part for the 1st to 4th Place 

BRA – UKR: 4-1

Brazil defeated Ukraine 4-1 in a thrilling match. Both teams were alert and made a strong defence in the first half. Back after the break, the Brazilian players showed the technical quality which points to Brazil as one of the favourites to win the FISU World University Futsal Championship. Ukraine scored first but in less than three minutes, the Brazilian team changed the history of the game. A rebound of Felipe and Rafael Santos shot from the middle of the court direct to the angle of goalkeeper Dmytro moved Brazil ahead. Ukraine was startled by the skills and speed of the blue and yellow team. Gabriel took the blackout on the opposing defence, stole the ball and pulled the counterattack and Felipe scored the third goal in Brazil. Rafael closed the score 4-1. The Ukrainians began to pressure Brazil, but the Brazilian defence managed to stay ahead until the end. The Brazilian’s Men team won three world titles (1994, 1996 and 2000) and goes in search of a fourth championship in Serbia.


SRB – RUS: 1-6

Fully crowded stands of the “Spens hall N° 1” pushed the Serbian team to the final but it was very difficult to fulfill their wish. During the first half the Serbian players scored one goal by Janjic. The Russians, physically well prepared and tactically well organized, found the rhythm after their goal scored by Abramov. 1:1 was the result of the first half. During the second half the typhoon from Russia blow over the sport hall in Novi Sad; goals by Abramov who scored twice, Goncarov and Sergeev between the seventh and eleventh minute of the game crushed the Serbian dream for the final. The final result 6:1 will be difficult to digest but tomorrow when SRB will meet UKR for the bronze medal the host needs to be ready. 


Semi-Finals of Upper Part for the 5th to 8th Place

KAZ – POR: 2-1

Portugal was the team dominating the ball all the game but Kazakhstan was the team who scored more goals. The first goal of the game was scored by Grebonos, fourth minutes into the game and for a long time it was the only goal of the game. Portugal had many occasions to move the ball behind the goal line but where not effective until the 12th minute of the second half when Ramos equalized the score 1:1. Before the referee Papir (ISR) had a chance to whistle the end of the game and moved the game to the penalties, Taku shot the ball to the net marking the final score 2:1. Portugal, the champions from the previous edition in Koper (SLO) will only battle for the 7th place this time. 


POL – ISR: 5-2

Israel repeated the story from the day before. They went ahead by one goal at the third minute of the game but at the end it was their opponents who raised their hands and celebrated victory. Poland, the winner of group B, will play for the 5th place tomorrow.  


Semi-Finals Lower Part for 9th to 12th Place

GBR - SVK 2:4

The main part of the first half was played between the middle line and the net of the GBR team. After many opportunities it was Brunovsky who scored the first goal for the Slovaks. More chances and a good possession of the ball makes trouble for the defense of the GBR team. A second goal scored by Pagac (SVK) and Team Slovakia went into the changing room with a two goals advantage. GBR players started the second half more offensively and equalized the score within two minutes by Roberts. Ten minutes after the goal of GBR, Team Slovakia takes the initiative back and scored a third goal via Serbin. The same player scored the fourth goal and closed the chapter of this semi-final at 4-2. SVK will play against FRA for the 10th place.   

FRA –MNE: 7-2

Montenegro had a very good beginning of the game and surprised the French defense with two goals in a 5-minutes interval by Haveric and Loncovic. But that was all from their side. The French team answered from the attack right after by Tia’s shot under the cross bar to the left corner of Hasanovic’s net. Moreau and Sainte-Claire scored a second and third goal for France. During the second half, France scored four more goals; two by Dominguez, one by Delicourt and Sainte-Claire. MNE will play for the 11th place against ARG.


Semi-finals Lower Part for 13th to 16th Place


URU – ARG: 1-4

The South-American clash was decided in favor of the Argentinians.


CHN – OMA: 6-5

No-one wants to be last and that was the same reason for both Oman and China to play until the final whistle of the referee. China went ahead three times during the game, Oman clinched the score twice and one time was a head as well. But when China scored its sixth goal it was too late for Oman with only some seconds left in the game. China won 6:5 and will play for the 13th place against Argentina. Goals for China: Zhang 2, Li 2, Liang and Hu. Goals for Oman: Al-Hasani 2, Jaboob and Bait Said.


Daily Results also on the web page: http://www.nsfutsal2010.com/


(Source: Michal Buchel, FISU Sports Manager)




Team France


The bench of Team GBR


Women’s Tournament                    

The Six teams participating in the second edition of the World University Futsal Championship had a day-off. The teams used the opportunity to rest, some of them had a practice session to train the situation for the final day of the women’s competition. 



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