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08 August 2018 | in Forum, Education

Watch! Why dual career is of utmost importance to elite athletes

KRASNOYARSK, RUSSIAN FEDERATION  — The idea of dual career, that of athletes concurrently pursuing success on and off the field of play, is one of the key themes being addressed at the ongoing FISU Forum. It is a core issue that the Forum addresses, being the bridge that it is, between education and sport.


In keeping with the main theme of the 14th edition the Forum - ‘Student Sport: Springboard for Innovative Leadership’ - has opened up the debate into nes ideas, possibilities and innovative solutions for elite student-athletes looking to achieve success, today as athletic stars and into their post-competitive sport careers. 


Australian universities boast some of the world’s most impressive facilities in both education and sport, and FISU spoke to Joshua Sears of the Elite Student-Athlete Pathway programme at UniSport Australia, to find out how they make it work.  Watch the insightful interview here. 


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