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23 March 2014 | in Education, Forum

FISU Forum Gwangju 2014 Updates: Day 6 – Closing Ceremony

Alison Odell and Kim Yoon-Suk

GWANGJU –The last day of the 12th FISU Forum started with the presentations of the delegates who received the opportunity to make a presentation on two themes of Gwangju 2014 FISU Forum, ethical issues (including reference to gender equity related aspects) and social media issues. Delegates from USA, United-Kingdom, Indonesia, Finland, Sweden, Israel, Switzerland, Jamaica and Norway came on the floor to present their projects.


John Elf (SWE)


Two students (one male and one female) were chosen in order to present their work during the FISU Conference of the Gwangju 2015 Summer Universiade: Delta Wright (JAM) was selected for the social media topic and John Elf (SWE) for the ethics topic. The Closing Ceremony started with a welcome speech by Education Committee Chair Ms. Alison Odell, followed by a speech of Kim Yoon-Suk, Vice-Mayor of Gwangju City, Vice-Chair and Secretary General of the OC Summer Universiade Gwangju 2015.


Delta Wright (JAM)

The Head of Delegations of each country were then called in front of the audience in order to receive the diplomas of the Gwangju 2014 FISU Forum participants.

The handing over of the FISU flag from the current Forum organizers to FISU First Assessor and Education Committee Chair Alison Odell who passed it to the 2016 Montpellier Forum Organizing Committee representatives Jean-François Sautereau, President of the FF Sport U, Vincent Rognon, National Director of FFSU and Arnaud Richard, Student Committee co-coordinator.


Alison Odell transmitting the FISU flag to Montpellier Forum 2016 OC representatives


A video presenting the Montpellier 2016 FISU Forum and the city and university of Montpellier was delivered to the audience and Alison Odell delivered her closing remarks and brought the FISU Forum to a close with a Farewell Banquet.


David Vandenplas, Media Assistant


Quote of the day:

Jean-François Sautereau, FF Sport U. President

Jean-François Sautereau, FF Sport U. President: “First of all, I would like to thank the FISU for their trust. This Forum 2014 was for us a promotion platform for our Forum which will take place in July 2016 in Montpellier. The topics discussed in Gwangju were quite relevant. It’s great that FISU is taking care of the social media networks and the opinions of young people about this topic are quite important. FISU must also fight against the discrimination whatsoever. We must draw attention to discrimination and delete it. I conclude by saying that if the Forum did not exist, we would have to invent it”.