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28 June 2016 | in CUSF News, Forum

FISU at the FASU Conference 2016

JOHANNESBURG – On 24 June, prior to the 8th FASU Games held in Johannesburg (RSA), the African University Sports Federation (FASU) organised a Pre-Games Conference whose general theme was “African Universities Coaches Conference”. After the welcoming statements by Prof. Angina Parekh, acting Vice-Chancellor of Johannesburg University and Ms Illhaam Groenewalt, Vice-President of University Sport South Africa (USSA), FASU President Malumbethe Ralethe took the floor. He underlined the fact that the role of sport makes the countries all the same as they have to follow the same rules. He mentioned that sport can change Africa and bring more peace. University sports would play a major role in this development, he said.


FISU President, Oleg Matytsin (right) with Prof. Angina Parekh, acting Vice-Chancellor of Johannesburg University


The floor was then given to FISU President Oleg Matytsin. “I am convinced that today’s conference is very important to university sport in Africa, just as university education is important to all of us. University education is a critical component of human development worldwide. It shapes our lives, our careers, our lifestyles. It is a social lift for individuals and a gate to brighter future for developing nations,” President Matytsin stated.


At the end of his speech, he gave a FISU plaque to Prof. Angina Parekh in testimony of the appreciation of FISU to take the challenge to host the 8th FASU Games. He also gave a plaque to Ms Illhaam Groenewalt to underline the importance of the support of this strong and important University Sports Federation.


Oleg Matytsin encouraged the continental federation to play a greater role in translating FISU initiatives at a national level. “We should also cooperate with National University Sports Federations (NUSFs) to better understand their needs and to receive feedback from them. Both Continental and National University Sports Federations are our main assets for promoting our initiatives,” he stated. Later on, he met the FASU Executive Committee with FISU 1st Vice-President Leonz Eder and the Director of Development Laurent Briel for a deep discussion about opportunities, but also challenges and problems.


FISU actively contributed to the conference with two presentations. First, Leonz Eder made a presentation entitled ‘How does FISU see its development in the next years’, outlining the priorities of FISU and explaining how FISU intends to collaborate with NUSFs and CUSFs as partners.


Then, Laurent Briel took the floor to make a presentation on the rights and obligations of NUSFs. He gave an overview of the rules of FISU events and programmes. He provided a few tips on how to get involved in the FISU Community. Finally, he stressed the importance of being an active member of FISU.


Source: Development Department