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14 October 2016 | in NUSF News, International Day Of University Sport, Football

German-Chinese University Football Exchange


COLOGNE - The first part of the German-Chinese football-exchange ended with a lot of culture, football and many new friendships on Friday. For six days the team of the Beihang University Beijing was in Germany. During these days they played against teams of the German Sport University Cologne and one of the universities of Marburg and Frankfurt.

“It was a great experience to see how the students interact with each other. On and off the court they have learned a lot of the other culture”, Christoph Fischer, general secretary of the German University Sports Federation (adh), explained his experiences. In addition to a reception of Colognes mayor Andreas Wolter there were also a workshop of the national anti-doping agency and common trainings.

At the beginning the football team of the German Sport University Cologne played against the Chinese guests. They won the match clearly 5:1. The goals were scored by Janek Wrede, Ludwig Lippold, Sinisa Vaselinovic, Kris Fillinger and Leon Binder. Xinyu Tao was successful nine minutes to the end. In the second match the selection of Frankfurt and Marburg met the players of Beijing. It took only nine minutes until the Germans were 2:0 in the lead. Alexander Scharm and Kevin Weilmünster gained the lead. After Weilmünsters second goal the Hessians were caught by surprise. Two goals of Beijing brought the Chinese back in the match. It was Rui Li, who equalized. The renewed leading by Weilmünster were countered by Fengyuan Guoa few seconds before the final whistle.

The exchange was closed by a match against SSV Bornheim. It ended with a 0:0-draw. As honoured guests there were Alfred Vianden, president of the football-association of Middle Rhine (FVM), Markus Müller, member of the FVM association committee, and Claus Boeing, president of SSV Bornheim.

The exchange programme was realized in the context of the German-Chinese year of exchange and the ‘International Day of University Sport’. In December there will be the second part of the exchange, when the German delegation will travel to China.


(Source: adh)