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16 July 2013 | in Football, Summer Universiade

Football Famous

Golden GBR Girls

KAZAN - British Footballer Francesca Kirby had her first taste of international fame Monday night, as volunteers crowded around her elbowing each other for a photo and autograph after her grand final.

Kirby had a stellar performance at Monday night’s Great Britain versus Mexico gold medal match, with two goals in the last 10 minutes, assisting the Brits to take home the Universiade gold medal.

With her impressive technical work and lightning speed, Kirby made great runs and glided easily around defenders to set up numerous close goals, whose on-field talent won her player of the match.

Petite 20-year-old Kirby started playing football at eight years old. “It was mainly because of my brother, and some of the boys around the corner they kind of got me involved,” she said. “I’ve always played football, it’s what I do. Even from a younger age I was kicking a football around the garden, it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.”

The now mini-star Kirby aims to play for the national team in a world cup. “I want to just get as high as possible and always enjoy playing football and doing the best I can,” she said.

Francesca Kirby

A bubbly and overwhelmed Kirby said “I’m going to bed!” but then admitted, “yeah, I guess there’ll be a bit of partying!”

That is, if she can get away from her new Russian fanbase.


Leigh Ferguson/FISU Young Reporter (AUS)