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22 July 2016 | in World University Championships, Floorball

7th WUC Floorball – Update Day 2



PORTO - The morning games during the second day of the 7th WUC Floorball were full of excitement. The first one was between the women’s teams of Czech Republic and Poland. Poland took the lead in the first period but Czech Republic managed to turn the game around and ended it with 10-4 victory.

In the match that followed host Portugal faced-off against Spain in an Iberian duel that was intense, with many fouls, fast plays and impressive shots. Both teams wanted really bad to come out of the last period with a win and Portugal started winning, but Spain was stronger and claimed the victory with a 5-2 score.

At the University Stadium the matches began with the women’s teams. Japan faced Spain without difficulties. The game had just begun and Japan had already scored its first goal. The Spanish Team was able to keep up, but as the game progressed, Japan was the better team on the court. Besides, one Spanish athlete was injured in the third period and that affected the spirit of the team. The game resulted in an 8-4 win for Japan, its first win of the tournament while Spain has no victories yet.

Later on the day, it was time to see the Men’s Group B into action with a game between Slovakia and Korea. The Slovak Team was a clear winner, even though the Koreans tried their best to score. The truth is Slovakia’s goalkeeper was confident and defended all the attempts from the Korean players. At the end, Slovakia won for 21-0. With no losses so far, Slovakia is real contender in this WUC.

The afternoon started with two incredible matches between the women’s and the men’s teams of Sweden and Switzerland. At the Sports Faculty, the women’s teams started early to score and the Swiss team was the leader of the scoreboard. But the Swedish supporter’s voices were felt in the field. The Swedish team was able to turn the game around and scored all the way to victory. At the University Stadium, the match of the men’s teams fired up the arena! Sweden ended the first period winning 2-1, but Switzerland recovered in the second period tying 2-2. The third and last period was insane as Sweden scored 2 goals in the last ten seconds of the match, wining 4-2.

The next game was between Portugal and Japan. The host team scored first and they had many opportunities to increase the advantage but they didn’t collect. Japan, however, did better as they scored 11 goals against 3 of Portugal.

The last match of the day at the Sports Faculty saw Finland take on the Czech Republic. This was the most intense match of the day at this court. Impressive plays and an incredible will to win! However, the game ended in a 4-4 draw.


(Source: WUC Floorball OC – Photos: João Pedro Rocha)



Women: http://wucfloorball2016.com/female-schedule.php
Men: http://wucfloorball2016.com/male-schedule.php



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