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27 May 2012 | in World University Championships, Floorball

2012 WUC Floorball Update: CZE (M) & SWE (W) win Gold

Adam Roczek awards the gold medal to the Czechs

PRAGUE - Today, May 27th, the day started by the 2 bronze medal games: men Switzerland-Sweden and women Finland-Switzerland. The bronze men’s medal came to Sweden after a 9:6-victory and the bronze women’s medal to Finland due to a 4:1-victory.

In the afternoon, the women’s final was played between Czech Republic and Sweden.

What could a host country expect more than being into the two finals? After a crazy match the Czech team won the silver medal, leaving the gold medal to Sweden with the score 5 to 2.

The medals were awarded by FISU representatives Mr. A.Roczek, Prof.Z.Przybylski and Mr. C.Lopes. On behalf of FISU, Mr. Adam Roczek awarded a FISU plaque to Prof. Vaclav Havlicek, the Rector of the Czech Technical University in Prague.

The Sparta arena started to be crowded at the beginning of the men’s final at 4pm, with the 1st place opposing host Czech Republic to Finland, The Czechs rapidly showed they were the strongest today, winning 8 to 4. All spectators were even more crazy as it was the first time Czech team won gold, with David Rytych as goal keeper, the best world goalie from 2011;

The awarding ceremony for men was integrated into the closing ceremony at the Sparta arena, just after the end of the match, followed by a banquet taking place at Obcasnska plovarna, with barbecue and farewell party for all participants.

The medals were awarded by Mr. A.Roczek, A. Vehniainen and S. Kratz.

On behalf of FISU, A. Roczek thanked all organizers, especially OC President, Daniel Kracek, OC Secretary General Alexandra Spurna, without forgetting Competition Director Jan Jirovsky. A special thank also to the CAUS, to the Technical University of Prague of course and to all the volunteers for their kindness and good work without whom this 5th World University Floorball Championship could not have taken place.

The 6th edition of the FISU World University Floorball Championship will take place in Singapore in 2014.


(Source: Nicole Mangelschots, Executive Assistant)



A full house for the finals


Women's final: SWE vs CZE


Men's final: CZE vs FIN