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29 October 2020 | in FISU World University Championships

Knockout stages of the 2020 WUC Mind Sports begin

MindSports Day 3 2

Day 3 of the FISU World University Championship Mind Sports was all about cementing spots in the knockout stages.


In chess, 75 teams were competing for 16 spots, while in bridge, the top eight teams qualified through to the quarterfinals.


MindSports Day 3 s.gołębiowskiStanisław Golebiowski, Sports Manager Bridge, Organising Committee of the 2020 WUC Mind Sports


“The first three days of the 2020 FISU WUC Mind Sports online were filled with sporting emotions. However, the qualification phase of the bridge tournament finished with no surprises,” said Stanisław Gołębiowski of the Organising Committee who is the Sports Manager for bridge.


“Till the end of the 15th round there was a tough competition between the Polish and Chinese teams, eventually won by the Chinese team 4:2,” he added.


“The Polish women’s team may feel disappointed as they were ranked 9th, with less than 1VP separating them from the 8th team that qualified for the next phase. I expect that the level of the quarter-finals will be very high, and the matches will be exciting.”


The top three teams in bridge are the following:




205.31 VP



201.69 VP



194.45 VP


The play-off phase starts today, with the clash between China (People’s Republic of) and the rest of the world as there were as many as four Chinese teams with enough VP to reach the quarter- final stage.


The teams placed 1-3 had the right to sequentially choose their opponents from the ones placed 4-8. Therefore, in each quarter-final match there is Chinese represetantion. The quarterfinal line-ups are as follows:






During the qualifications, the best individual performances came from Maxence Fragola of France, Jakub Bazyluk of Poland, and the Italian duo of Andrea Manganella and Sebastiano Scata.



Artbiters 2020 WUC Mind SportsArtbiters of the 2020 WUC Mind SportsChess

The goal for all 75 teams in the chess competition was to qualify for the top 16 and enter the play-offs. After three days of very exciting and passionate battles, arbiters announced the final standings. Chinese teams once again finished strong, winning all matches and ending with 18/18 match points.


For arbiters, an online event is more difficult than an over the board tournament. The 2020 WUC Mind Sports is proud to have an international and experienced team of arbiters. All of them are International Arbiters, the highest possible qualification. They represent many countries: Canada, Turkey, Iran, Italy, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Serbia, United Kingdom and Kenya. 


The Chief Arbiter is Tomasz Delega from Poland and the Technical Delegate is Georg Kradolfer from Switzerland. The arbiters have received excellet support from Australia and Tornelo CEO, David Cordover.


Meanwhile, with three Chinese teams in the last 16, this is what the 1/8 final round looks like:


China 1 (1) vs Colombia (16)

Serbia (2) vs Hungary (15)

Mongolia vs Kazakhstan 1 (14)

Armenia 1 (4) vs Poland 4 (13)

Cuba 1 (5) vs India (12)

Belarus (6) vs Spain 4 (11)

Ukraine (7) vs Cuba 2 (10)

China 4 (8) vs Croatia (9)


The last round was not lucky for Polish teams. Poland 1 was facing a strong team from Ukraine and Poland 2 got defeated by the top-seeded team from Armenia. As a result, there will be only one team representing the host nation Poland in the play-offs. All members of the Poland 4 team are students of the Silesian University from Katowice. However, it will not be easy for them as they are up against the grandmasters from Armenia.


LIVE action continues on:


FISU.TV: https://fisu.vhx.tv/videos/fisu-world-university-championships-mind-sports-day-4

FISU.net: https://www.fisu.net/news/fisu-world-university-championships/watch-live-wuc-mind-sports-bridge-and-chess-day-4

YouTube: https://youtu.be/p6V_NvtY9nY

Livestream: https://livestream.com/fisu/mindsportsday4

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/fisutv