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27 November 2017 | in Winter Universiade, FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy

Winter Universiade 2019 volunteer recruiting centre opens in Krasnoyarsk

The volunteer team for the upcoming Winter Universiade is being built with 14,000 people already applying  


KRASNOYARSK, RUSSIA — Winter Universiade 2019 organisers continued to deliver on their promise to make the upcoming event one of opportunity and skill-building with the opening of the volunteer recruitment centre this week in the Siberian of sports and higher education.



The recruitment centre will oversee all interviews and final selections of volunteers for Krasnoyarsk 2019. The organising committee is building a team of volunteers 5,000 strong to welcome the world’s top university sportspersons for the Winter Universiade that will also leave the region with lasting benefits for the local community and elite sportspersons alike.  



Winter Universiade 2019 volunteers will provide support in functional areas such as consulting, language services, navigation, transport, media. Over 14,000 applications from 50 countries have already been received.


During the opening, Krasnoyarsk 2019 Director General Maxim Urazov noted that hosting an international multi-sport event requires a community of participants of various ages and backgrounds.


“The recruiting centre will select the best participants of the volunteer movement, which will be involved in the delivery and preparation of the Games. They will be people open to communication and learning, who will be able to perform different tasks, but most importantly, they will be able to bring positive emotions to all the guests. We invite everyone who are passionate to the sports movement to take part in the volunteer programme.”


Krasnoyarsk 2019 volunteers are already hard at work, building interest and excitement for the Winter Universiade with events throughout the city and country. Photo © Dmitrii Shabalin / Gorodskiye Novosti  

To reach the interview stage, applicants must pass an online test on the official Winter Universiade 2019 website which includes tests on English proficiency and general sport knowledge. For foreign applicants, interviews will all be conducted online.


Winter Universiade 2019 organisers are currently in the selection period for Krasnoyarsk residents only, and this will last until December 20, 2017. The second and third stages of interviews for candidates are planned for spring and autumn of 2018.


 Some of the Krasnoyarsk 2019 volunteer team has received international sports experience by being selected to attend the FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy and Taipei Summer Universiade 2017 Observer Programme. Photo © Dmitrii Shabalin/Gorodskiye Novosti News

The participants of the volunteer programme who have successfully passed the selection will begin to have training and will be able to participate in the preparation of the test events at sports venues in 2018.


"The desire to be a volunteer comes from the heart and soul, this is the desire to help people,” said Denis Moiseenko, a Winter Universiade 2019 volunteer and student at the Siberian State University of Science and Technology. “For a volunteer, this is a test of himself or herself and his or her abilities, gaining new experience and knowledge, the opportunity to become involved in the organization of the largest sporting event ever in Krasnoyarsk.”