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21 June 2018 | in FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy

FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy offers unrivalled opportunities for delegates

KAZAN – The 2018 FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy has provided a packed schedule for over 100 student representatives from 92 countries, who have been given fantastic opportunities to learn from leading experts in the world of sport.



On 19 June, Leva Lukosiute-Stanikuniene, WADA expert and Director of the Lithuanian Anti-Doping Agency, delivered an engaging and informative lecture about anti-doping and the systems and processes sports management officials face in their role to protect clean sport.



Academy's delegates were also assigned a group project to work on, fostering communication and a chance to put into practice some of the things they had learned. The projects were then presented before a panel of judges, led by FISU President Oleg Matytsin. The points given by the judges were added to the individual scores of the participants, with the top 12 attendees offered the opportunity to work at the FISU Winter and Summer Universiade events in Krasnoyarsk and Napoli respectively.



With the FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia on their doorstep, it didn't take the participants too long to get worthy practical experience as they joined the team of Kazan city volunteers to help on match day! Ahead of Spain’s narrow 1-0 win over Iran, Academy delegates joined forces with local volunteers to help provide information and guide the thousands of fans occupying the streets towards the stadium.


FISU President Oleg Matytsin speaks at the press centre on the eve of the FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia in Kazan, which is concurrently hosting the FISU Academy

“Kazan has been the perfect host for the second edition of the FISU Volunteer Leader’s Academy,” President Matytsin said when speaking to the city Press Centre. “The World Cup has provided a unique opportunity for the participants, who have been able to receive unparalleled first-hand experience of events organisation and volunteering.



“Combined with the educational aspect of our Academy, it is my hope that students will leave not only more knowledgeable but also inspired to pursue sports management and volunteering positions in the future.”

FISU Academy attendess visiting the old historic city centre of Kazan


President Matytsin also praised the city for the high standards of organising sports events and expressed hope that the cooperation between FISU and the authorities of the Republic of Tatarstan and Kazan would continue.



Participants ended a busy day at the FIFA Fan Fest, at the Family Center in Kazan, where they joined 15,000 Kazan locals to relax and watch the World Cup action with their new friends from around the globe.