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21 June 2018 | in FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy

FISU appoints its first Student Ambassadors

The second edition of the event comes to a successful close during a formal ceremony in the city hall of Kazan, affectionately known locally as the sports capital of Russia

KAZAN – The FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy 2018 came to its officially end after eight days of courses as 118 young leaders from all over the world were appointed FISU Student Ambassadors for 2018-2019.



Certificates of appointment and special FISU Ambassador pins were awarded to the participants of the Academy during a formal ceremony in Kazan city hall. FISU President Oleg Matytsin personally presented the marks of distinction to every Academy participant after Australia’s Meaghan Kempson pronounced the FISU Student Ambassador pledge on behalf of all the young leaders who had gathered in the historical building in Kazan’s city centre.



“I pledge to promote sports values and encourage sports practice in harmony with the university spirit,” Ms. Kempson declared.


2018 Academy award winner Meaghan Kempson of Australia giving the pledge on behalf of all the attendess to be FISU Student Ambassadors for the upcoming year 

Newly appointed Ambassadors will serve as an important link between FISU and the general student community, helping both FISU and their national university sports federation to be more visible. But for some of them, an even a more important role is reserved: FISU selected 12 students of the Academy, who outperformed their peers during the academy, to work at FISU events: Mahela Bandera from Sri Lanka and Antoine Attard from Malta will present the FISU Ambassador Programme at the FISU Forum in Krasnoyarsk in August. Eight will join FISU Staff at the Universiades next year: Maja Andersson (Sweden), Abassier Leukers (Namibia), Adam Pratchett (Great Britain), Belmann Moritz (Germany, representing EUSA), Meaghan Kempson (Australia), Kristy Havill (New Zealand), Katarzyna Czalej (Poland) and Celina Toth (Canada).


 Vladimir Leonov congratulating all the participants during the final event of the 2018 FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy

Maja Andersson, who scored the highest overall number of points, took the floor during the awarding ceremony: “I owe this success to all of you! Together, we spend such a great time here in Kazan”



Argentina’s Mariano Orlando and Aldana Mariana Moreano will work at the University Sports House in Buenos Aires later this year, when Argentina hosts the 2018 Youth Olympic Games.



Vladimir Leonov, Minister of Youth and Sport of Tatarstan and former Director General of the 2013 Summer Universiade in Kazan, visited the city hall to congratulate the Academy’s graduates.


Academy participants outside a cultural landmark of Kazan, where the eight-day event finished up after the formal closing ceremony 

Mr Leonov confirmed how Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan effectively shared the experience of the Universiade and the FIFA World Cup with the Academy's participants, in order to contribute to the development of international university sports movement.



Next year, FISU plans to bring together the same Student Ambassadors in Kazan for a second time.