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30 May 2014 | in FISU

FISU supports projects of its member associations

LAUSANNE - Pursuing its efforts to constantly improve services provided to its member associations, FISU has developed a support scheme to NUSF development projects which has just taken a new step. In April, the member associations were invited to submit project proposals to receive financial support. The FISU Executive Committee, on the recommendation of the Development Committee, has now selected 9 projects which will be supported by FISU in 2014.


These projects cover 4 continents. They were selected according to the criteria defined by the Development Committee, covering 3 strategic development areas:


  •  University sport development and promotion
  •  Quality communication structures
  •  Educational and training events


Thanks to FISU’s support, the NUSFs of Mongolia and Sri Lanka will set up their own websites. The NUSFs of Georgia, Macedonia and Montenegro will organise high level sporting events. The NUSFs of Ghana and Niger will improve the capacities of their secretariats. The NUSF of Uruguay will publish a book on international university sport.

Through this first support scheme to development projects, FISU and NUSFs continue to work together in the interest of students.


(Source: W. Rolin, Development Assistant)


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