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02 February 2021 | in FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy, FISU Student Ambassadors

Social Media seminar is a hit with the Student Ambassadors!

Student Ambassadors Social Media SeminarThe FISU Student Ambassador community met virtually recently, for a webinar on social media and digital marketing. Every month, the FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy Organising Committee holds educational sessions to help the Student Ambassadors acquire new skills and generate new ideas.


Following sessions on gender equality and volunteering in November and December 2020, the first session of 2021 was a big hit with the participants.


After an introductory message from Luciano Cabral, FISU Vice President and Chair of the FISU Media & Communication Committee was relayed to the participants, the Student Ambassadors benefited from hearing from a leader in digital innovation in the world of International Federations of sport.


Ace Asas FIVBAce Asas, Digital Content Manager, International Volleyball FederationAce Asas, Digital Content Manager of the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) shared valuable insights from the last one year where despite the COVID-19 limitations, FIVB’s digital and social media channels witnessed unprecedented growth.


“In 2020 we didn’t have many events, but we still had to engage our followers,” said Asas. “We then decided to focus on our athletes and were able to build relationships with other leagues in other parts of the world, while following our players.”


Learning to harness the power of user-generated-content was the differentiating factor, according to Asas.


This was followed by a presentation from Timur Tufetulov, the Communication Manager of the FISU Student Ambassadors programme. Tufetulov initiated an animated discussion on how Instagram can be an effective tool in communication and brand building.  


“When we have access to so much information, we want the latest news and we want to get acquainted with diverse and interesting people,” said Tufetulov about why people gravitate towards Instagram.


Participants were presented with a brief content plan and key points to note and were then split into three breakout groups to plan a social media post.  


“Post regularly, answer follower’s questions, don’t forget about stories and be honest!” were some of the tips that Tufetulov shared.


Content Manager Svetlana Chepel then highlighted the importance of having a content strategy. She talked about how she uses social media every day, and discussed ways to determine target audiences and where to look for consumer insights.


“It is important to have a harmonic effect on your page. When a person sees a photo on their feed, they need to be 100% sure it’s from your profile,” she said about creating a ‘personal brand’.


“Create an image that talks about your personality, your likes and dislikes,” said Chepel. “This is how the brain works – we remember things when someone shows us something about themselves and their personality.”


“Strategy is everything,” she said finally. “The best way is to do some analysis and research. It takes some time, but it’s good for you”.


The Student Ambassadors were very enthused after the webinar.


“The webinar was amazing,” posted Adebayo Olatunde on his Instagram later. “It keeps getting better and better.”


Wehlie Ahmed added “I have learned so many things about social media. For me it was very useful.”


The next session with the FISU Student Ambassadors will focus on coping with the COVID-19 reality while continuing to excel in the role of ambassadors of the university sport movement.