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15 April 2013 | in Multisports, Summer FISU World University Games, FISU

FISU Media & Communication Committee selects 12 Young Reporters for Kazan Universiade

LAUSANNE The FISU Media & Communication Committee, chaired by EC member Verena Burk, has made the final selection of the 12 young journos who will be part of the FISU Young Reporters’ Programme (YRP) during the Summer Universiade in Kazan this July.

‘It was not an easy task to select the final 12 participants’, commented Committee Chair Verena Burk. ‘Once again we received a great number of fine candidates and the selection process to find the perfect candidates for this year’s edition took longer than expected. But we are confident that once again we will have 12 very dedicated youngsters that will get a great training for their future professional career in journalism.’

Without doubt the candidates are pretty excited to travel to Kazan to report on the Universiade. An Overview.



Leigh Ferguson (AUS): ‘It's an absolute privilege to have the opportunity to travel to Russia and experience the atmosphere of the Universiade, something I have heard so many positive things about in Australia. What an exciting venture - working alongside other talented, young future journalists, and gaining invaluable skills that I will apply in my writing and photography career.’

Thomas Dullard (AUS): ‘I am extremely excited about my selection to attend the 27th Universiade in Kazan as a sports journalist. I love all things sport, and have always been intrigued by the stories that sport continually create. I couldn't think of a better environment to develop my journalism skills than Kazan, thanks to FISU. It is going to be a special experience, and I can't wait.’



Luana Cruz (BRA): I'm so glad with this achievement and looking forward to it. I can not wait to arrive in Russia, take part in the programme, exchange experiences, learn and teach as well. I'll enjoy every second of my staying there, I want to absorb all the knowledge this opportunity will able me to receive it. I do not want to miss a thing about this experience. I might be living a dream because I know how this programme will be important for my professional and personal life.’

Ana Gabriela Verotti (BRA): ‘Well, I just couldn't believe it. I wasn't expecting for it anymore, because the candidates would be announced on April 1, and it was already April 5 when I found out I was one of the 12 chosen. I had been sick for two days, and then I opened my email inbox and received the most amazing and unbelievable news ever. It's still just too good to be true.’

Kelcey Wright (CAN): ‘I couldn't be more excited about this opportunity. To be able to give back and experience something completely different than I am used to is an opportunity of a lifetime, truly a dream come true. Some of us have already started contacting each other and sharing ideas and stories. This is going to be such an amazing trip to learn and grow as a journalist.’

Matthew Tidcombe (CAN): ‘I am extremely excited for the opportunity that awaits me in Kazan. I look forward to working with the FISU, my fellow colleagues and to meet people from all around the world while covering a variety of sports throughout the duration of this magnificent occasion. Having never been to Russia, I am excited to experience both the culture and lifestyle while also enjoying the historical city of Kazan. This is a once in a lifetime experience and I cannot wait to get started.’



Jie-Yao MA (TPE): ‘Can't believe that I actually made it! So happy that I can represent Chinese Taipei, and also represent Asia to join this programme! So many things to learn, I can't wait for the 2013 Universiade to start!’

Rendra Ardyansah (INA): ‘It's an honour for me being selected as one of the representatives from Asia for the Young Reporters’ Programme in Kazan, Russia. This experience will be big for me and I hope it will open the door to become a professional sport journalist in the future.



Lien Cypers (BEL): ‘You’re in. How three little words can literally change everything. In no time my heart rate went up to 180. If I searched the entire dictionary, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to find one single word to describe this feeling. Somewhere between excitement and disbelief. But definitely happy. Let the countdown to Kazan 2013 begin!’

Javier Morales Bolívar (ESP): I am delighted to participate in the YRP, to learn and practice so I can use my experience afterwards at the 2015 Winter Universiade in Granada.’



Laroz Fall (SEN): ‘I am very pleased with my selection because it will be an opportunity for me to acquire much more experience. In this sense I think it will be very important for my career. And at the same time it will be an opportunity to exchange experiences with other young reporters from other countries. It's a real pleasure!’

Fabio De Dominicis (RSA): ‘I am extremely honoured, grateful, humbled and privileged to have been chosen to represent my university, Rhodes University, my country, South Africa, and the continent of Africa at the Young Reporters’ Programme. I look forward to meeting fellow young journalists from all over the world, interacting with them, and learning as much as I can at this prestigious event. I hope to use this experience in my future occupation as a sports journalist, and share what I will learn with my fellow students.’

C. Pierre, Press Officer