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07 March 2013 | in FISU

FISU Intercontinental Council Meets in Brussels

 The Intercontinental Council in session

BRUSSELS - An Intercontinental Council meeting was held in Brussels on 6 March after the Steering Committee meeting.

This meeting was directed by the 1st FISU Vice-President and Chair of the Intercontinental Council, Oleg Matytsin. Stefan Bergh and Alison Odell vice-chaired the council. The following representatives from the 5 continents attended the meeting : Adam Roczek from EUSA (Europe), Cheng Fave Seetow from AUSF (Asia), Sotero Vasquez from ODUPA (America), Martin Doulton from OUSA (Oceania), and Jacob Stanley Nteere, Malumbete Ralethe and Penninah Kabenge representing FASU (Africa). The FISU Development Department was represented by Laurent Briel, Director of Development & Special Projects, and Nicole Mangelschots, Executive Assistant of Development.

After the welcome speech of the IC Chair and the approval of the agenda, a report from the Steering Committee was made, explaining the FISU strategic plan in regard to the Continentals.

Oleg Matytsin, International Council Chair & FISU 1st VP

Further to the IC meeting in Cordoba, strategic guidelines for the FISU Associate Members (Continental Federations) were prepared by the CDSU group, including the mission of the CDSU, as set out in the Statutes approved in September 2012, the strategic objectives, the strategic development areas, high visibility of university sport, quality community structures, efficient and effective governance.

This draft was submitted to the IC members before being submitted to the FISU Executive Committee.

The necessity of having a clear picture about the needs of each FISU Member Association was also raised and FISU vision for future strategy must be investigated. The FISU Member Associations must be more involved in the future and a seminar for both the CFs and the NUSFs was the idea to be proposed to the Executive Committee in order to be able to clearly explain the strategic direction FISU wants to take with regard to the CFs and its NUSFs.

A new logotype for the CFs was presented (FISU Europe, FISU Asia, FISU Africa, FISU America, FISU Oceania) and the IC members requested to have a flexible implementation process according to each CF, fixing the official start, if possible, in January 2014.

The application calendar for the 2014-2015 projects of the CFs was presented, as well as the calendar for the final reports on the 2012 projects of the CFs and the progress reports for the 2013 projects of the CFs.

The FISU Development Department gave an update on the FISU financial help programme for the 2013 Summer Universiade, as well as on the FISU survey, which is to be launched via the extranet to complete a full screening of the activities carried out by each NUSF.


(Source: Nicole Mangelschots, Executive Assistant of Development)

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