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22 February 2021 | in FISU Healthy Campus

Six new universities join FISU Healthy Campus Programme

Vikings Sport at the Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT), IrelandThe FISU Healthy Campus Programme continues to grow, closing in on having sixty global universities on the platform. The project, launched in May 2020, aims to enhance all aspects of health and well-being for students on university campuses worldwide, through the structured promotion of physical activity and healthy practices.


Fifty-seven major world institutions from 33 countries are already on board, with the latest entrants being Ulster University (GBR), Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (RUS), University of Malaga (ESP), Estonian Academy of Security Sciences (EST), University of Antwerp (BEL) and Guangdong Polytechnic College of Agriculture (CHN).


“It is very satisfying that programme continues to grow with great interest from FISU members,” said Fernando Parente, FISU Director of Healthy Campus and Universities Relations. “Many universities contact us to learn more about the certification process.”


Several universities have already received certification of this internationally renowned label, with Peking University (CHN), University of Porto (POR), University of Lausanne (SUI), University of Coimbra (POR), National University of La Matanza (ARG), University of Algarve (POR) and ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon (POR) being among those that led the way.


The most recent universities to achieve certification are the Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland, the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN, Moscow) and University of Lucerne from Switzerland.


“Together with Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT), WIT Vikings Sport are delighted to be part of the FISU Healthy Campus Programme, an exciting global initiative that embeds health and wellbeing into all aspects of campus culture, which in turn improves our student’s lifestyles,” said Katie Redmond, WIT Vikings Sport Manager. “We are very proud to be the first in Ireland to obtain the certification.”


“Initially, the project seemed like a large undertaking, however through implementation of a project management team, the process was made seamless.


“In this first phase of the FISU Healthy Campus programme, we collected all the good practices we already had in place from the different services, departments and schools within WIT. Our WIT Vikings Sports office led this and worked closely with our various stakeholders. For us, the strengths and processes were already in place; we just had to demonstrate them.”

Sports Outreach at Ulster universityThe Sports Outreach programme at Ulster University“As soon as a university reaches the certification level, the 40 validated criteria out of 100, we begin to evaluate good practices,” explained FISU’s Parente. “The ten universities that have reached this level have all developed exceptional work in general, namely in the area of physical activity and sport for the entire community, as well as giving special attention to mental health, particularly in these pandemic times.”


“I agree that the FISU Healthy Campus programme is a great tool to create a global strategy inside the university,” added Katie Redmond. “The programme certainly helps to develop cooperation between different departments within the institute.”


One of the motivations for universities to join FISU Healthy Campus is that the programme also provides information and guidance within the scope of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDGs) of the United Nations.


In addition, it is an excellent opportunity for the members of the programme to gain access to exclusive information and best practices from other universities around the world.


university of algarveUniversity of Algarve, on the south coast of Portugal, where surfing and other water sports are very popular

“Participation in the FISU Healthy Campus programme is part of the University of Algarve’s strategy to promote health and well-being, which we have been doing since 2018,” said Saúl Neves de Jesus, Vice Rector of the University of Algarve.


“It is with great satisfaction that we have achieved the Gold level certification of the FISU Healthy Campuslabel,” he added. “In particular, of the various domains under evaluation, University of Algarve stood out in the field of Mental and Social Health, validating all the indicators.”


“This certification is an incentive for us to continue identifying and developing actions to maintain the validated criteria, as well as to be able to validate some of the criteria not yet achieved.”


From FISU’s point of view, Fernando Parente said “we are very proud of this network, this global community that is growing, enhancing well-being and contributing to sustainable development goals.”


For more information on the FISU Healthy Campus programme, contact


Female Athletes at ulster universityAthletes at Ulster University, Northern Ireland