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26 April 2021 | in FISU Healthy Campus

Over 70 universities now onboard the FISU Healthy Campus Programme

Healthy Campus 70+ graphicAhead of the one-year anniversary of FISU’s Healthy Campus programme, university registrations on the platform have climbed above the 70 mark.


The programme works with universities around the world to create a positive environment for students and staff alike. In April alone, we have seen universities from China, Switzerland, Kazakhstan and the United Kingdom join in the program to begin their journey towards being a certified FISU Healthy Campus university. Only just last week, the reputable King’s College London joined in on the journey.


Among the recent universities to have been awarded the certification is Australia’s Murdoch University, Spain’s Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and Estonia’s Academy of Security Sciences.


To mark the one-year anniversary of the programme on 12 May, FISU Healthy Campus will begin to publish the best practices of certified universities on the platform, so that others who decide on joining the programme can benefit from the knowledge and experience of a vast network of universities who have already accomplished important milestones in their development.


The programme offers tools to help universities pave the way towards a more sustainable and progressive education environment by offering tools and help such as access to FISU’s Healthy Campus digital platform, technical support and monitoring during the certification process, online training sessions, annual self-assessment reports and an evaluation report, a UNESCO recognised certification and certification plate, a presential audit and advantageous conditions to educational and training events.


Healthy Campus incorporates the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals into its programme that will not only create a better environment for students and staff, but to also push forward in creating more sustainable ways of running universities, and will hopefully set examples for others.


“The registered universities, so far 71 of them, are very enthusiastic.” FISU Secretary General-CEO Eric Saintrond explains, “However, more than 200 meetings have already been held with others that will join the programme. The expectation of growth is high, and universities always take some time to register after being aware of the programme, but we will soon see the impact of the work that has been done.”


If you want to help create an optimal environment for your university, while helping to shape a better future for your community and our global society, get in touch with your university’s administration and offer them the opportunity to join a progressive international movement. Registrations can be made through our Healthy Campus digital platform.



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