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25 May 2014 | in FISU, Executive Committee Meeting

FISU EC Meeting in Brussels – Day 3



BRUSSELS – Today, 25 May, the FISU Board had its last session of the three-day meeting. Topics on the agenda where the progress reports from the Organising Committees of the 2019 Universiades and a number of World University Championships.

2019 Winter Universiade

The Krasnoyarsk OC delegates

The OC of Kransoyarsk 2019, headed by the Minister of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of Krasnoyarsk region Sergey Alekseev, started this third session presenting its progress report. In accordance with the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation, the OC of the Winter Universiade 2019 was created recently. Chairman of the OC is the 1stVice-Premier of the Russian Federation Igor Shuvalov. The Headquarters of the OC were established and working groups on different issues of the Universiade preparation were installed. At the same time the organisational structure was created. The OC is currently developing a Master Plan with the execution schedule completed. A chief developer has been determined and a key arrangements list for hosting the Universiade has been composed. Regarding the venue infrastructures, a list of venue construction has been approved by the government. An Athletes’ Village is planned on the campus of the Siberian Federal University which will provide accommodation for 3,000 people. Also a number of new competition venues are planned, i.e. ‘Sever’ Ice Arena with a capacity for 3,000 seats; a multifunctional sports complex ‘Winter Sport Academy’; ‘Bobroviy Log’ fun park in the mountains; ‘Biathlon Academy’ Regional Training Centre. Furthermore plenty of road work is foreseen as well as the construction of a number of bridges. The Yemelyanovo Airport will be expanded with a new international passenger terminal and the construction of five new hotels is foreseen

2019 Summer Universiade

The delegates from Brasilia leaded by Luciano Cabral

Then the floor was given to the OC of Brasilia, headed by Célio René, State Secretary of Sports of Brasilia. Next on the planning is the creation and implementation of the Universiade Steering Bodies, the Board of Directors, the Participative Control and Social Legacy Council and the definitive OC, giving it a corporate standing and an administrative and organisational capacity compatible with the needs to prepare the event. The creation of the Master Plan is also on the agenda for this year.

Almost 70 % of the venues are in place. It will be a maximum concentration of Sport venues with all sport facilities within 20 minutes from the Athletes’ Village. Mobility is assured as express roads connect the Village providing fast access and easy displacement through sports facilities by the public transport system.

Regarding the Athletes’ Village, the OC together with TERRACAP, the real estate company of the Federal district Government is assessing the situation to take the measures to formalize the concession of the area, while the main legacy for the University of Brasilia will be the refurbishing and expansion of University of Brasilia Sports Complex.

World University Championships

The WUC team within FISU

Next, the floor was left to the WUC Dept. with WUC Chair Leonz Eder and headed by Paulo Ferreira, WUC Director.  Julien Buhajezuk, WUC Exec. Asst., reported on the three first WUC of 2014 – Cross Country, Triathlon and American Football – which were successfully organised and gave an overview of the other upcoming events. Julien Carrel, WUC Asst., explained the current status of the collaboration conventions with the International Federations. 15 are signed, 8 are ready for signing and 10 are in process. Paulo Ferreira then informed about the efforts from International Federations applying to become part of the FISU Family. Indeed, another 32 International Federations have expressed their interest to be included in the sports programme of FISU, while 6 started the foreseen procedure.

The Cheerleading sport presentation

With more than 50 sports already in the programme, FISU carefully selects any new sport to enter its sports programme.

The presentation for Modern Pentathlon

At this meeting the FISU Board accepted two new international federations to the programme, i.e. International Cheer Union (ICU) and Modern Pentathlon (UIPM). A first edition of the WUC in those two sports are scheduled for 2018. The proposed sports list for the 2018 WUCs was also approved.


C. Pierre, Press Officer