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16 September 2013 | in FIDSU, Meetings

Development Committee meets in FIDSU Office


A new CDSU meeting took place on the 13th and 14th of September, chaired by Stefan BERGH (SWE) and vice-chaired by Alison ODELL (GBR). All members attended: Isaac Mwangi KAMANDE (KEN), Erik MICHALAK (FRA), Delise O’MEALLY (USA), Johanna St. CLAIR-RENARD (SWE), Yanqing XUE (CHN), with the Development department attending, represented by Laurent BRIEL, Director, Nicole Mangelschots, Executive Assistant to Director, Tatiana Stebakhova, Administrative Secretary and Westley Rolin, intern.

The CDSU was welcomed by President Claude-Louis GALLIEN, who expressed some broad ideas and long-term perspectives of FISU for the work of the CDSU.

This meeting mainly focused on the area of the NUSFs, and especially on the strategic guidelines, aiming at supporting them in achieving best value out of any resources which FISU is prepared to invest in developing the FISU-NUSF relationship. The modalities of FISU support to NUSFs’ projects were discussed, including strategic priorities, evaluation criteria, and timeline. Some recommendations came out and will be submitted to the next Executive Committee meeting, in the beginning of December.

Topics regarding the CUSF’s area were also discussed, with the synthesis of the external audit for each CUSF. A summary of the progress reports for the year 2013 was presented and CDSU members received feedbacks on CUSFs’ applications for the projects of the period 2014-2015.

Initial talks started on Special Projects to try to clarify the concept and prepare the work for future decision-making.