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27 January 2017 | in Executive Committee Meeting, FISU

FISU Executive Meeting in Almaty - Day 2



ALMATY – The second day of the Executive Meeting in Almaty started with the report of the Education Committee, chaired by Verena Burk. Together with Director of Education Köle Gjeloshaj, Mrs. Burk informed on the progress made regarding the FISU World Conference on Innovation-Education-Sport during the Winter Universiade in Almaty and the FISU World Conference on Student Development through sport in Taipei City during the 2017 Summer Universiade. At this SU, other educational programmes will be organized as well, such as youth leadership seminars, organised by the Student Committee and leadership seminars, organized by the Education Committee, the Medical Committee and the Media & Communication Committee.

Verena Burk & Köle Gjeloshaj

An update was given as well about the preparations of the 2018 FISU Forum in Krasnoyarsk, the FISU World Conference on Innovation – Education – Sport 2019 in Krasnoyarsk during the 2019 WU and the current educational projects such as the FISU-WADA Project and the International Day of University Sport 2017. Mr. Gjeloshaj also dwelled on the co-operations and partnerships with other organisations such as UNESCO, the Council of Europe, the Hype Foundation, the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE/CIEPSS) and EAS. The presentation ended with an update on the 2017 Scholarship Programme - Seoul National University - Dream Together Master Programme and the Russian International Olympic University Master Programme 2017-2018.

Hilkka Pöyhönen & Köle Gjeloshaj

Next, the Student Committee, chaired by Hilkka Pöyhönen, gave an update of its activities regarding international co-operation with youth organisations in 2017, such as the UNESCO Youth Forum 2017 in Paris, inviting a youth organisation meeting in Taipei during the Universiade. Mrs. Pöyhönen also dwelled on the Student and Youth Leadership Seminars that will be staged during the Universiade in Taipei City as well as supporting student representation in National University Sports Federations.

Penninah Kabenge, Rosaura Mendez & Köle Gjeloshaj

Next the floor was given to the Gender Equality Committee, chaired by Rosaura Mendez. The chair together with Vice-Chair Penninah Kabenge spoke about the 5th FISU Gender Equality Sport Award, the 4th FISU Gender Equality Round Table, the GEC Seminar at the 2017 Summer Universiade and the Gender Equality at the Continental Seminars.

Lilia Barieva gave a general update of the FISU Global Strategy Development, followed by the presentations of the progress reports of the different Working Groups.

Fernando Parente, Marian Dymalski & Paulo Ferreira

Working Group ‘Sport and Sport Organisations Relations’ was reported by Marian Dymalski and Fernando Parente on making events size sustainable by reducing and regrouping the overall number of events.

SG/CE Saintrond

Working Group ‘NUSFs, CUSFs and Universities’ was reported by Leonz Eder, CDSU President who referred to a number of goals defining of the expectations of FISU concerning the CUSFs and enhancing the mutual understanding between FISU and the CUSFs.

Treasurer Bayasgalan Danzandorj

Verena Burk reported on the Working Groups ‘Education and Cultural Events’ and ‘Communication and Marketing’ while SG/CEO Eric Saintrond reported on the Working Group ‘Structure and Human Resources’ and Treasurer Bayasgalan Danzandorj on the Working Group ‘Finances and Commercial Development’.

Marian Dymalski and Fernando Parente with the WUC Dept.

After the coffee break the WUC Department presented an overview of the 2016 events and an update regarding the 2018 WUCs. 4,864 athletes (2,848 men & 2,016 women) and 1,526 (1,241 men & 285 women) participated at the 2016 WUCs, 601 participations registered from 87 NUSFs, representing 1,626 universities. New sports, i.e. sambo, ski orienteering and sport climbing and new countries, i.e. the Philippines featured in the programme. The WUC Dept. notes an overall improvement of the events organisation due to an increase of visibility through broadcast (7 events live); a better marketing approach and branding policies. Regarding the 2018 WUCs, 80% of the dates are already approved. Also in 2018, new host countries will stage a WUC event, i.e. Indonesia (Wushu) and Namibia (Rugby Sevens) while new sports will enter the WUC sports programme, i.e. Cheerleading, Korfball, Modern Pentathlon, Muaythai, Roller Sports and Wushu. In the meanwhile, the WUC Dept. is already working on the 2020 WUCs. FISU will then launch the Mind Sport and Combat Sports Clusters.

After the lunch break the OCs of the future Universiades presented their progress report. They were preceded by the internal reports by the FISU Supervision Committees.


2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei City

OC Delegation Taipei 2017

The OC has completed significant steps in 2016 and entered the final stage of the Games preparation. The HOD meeting well take place in May and the AV opens on August 12th. The main building of AV is nearly 95% ready, and will be completed in March this year. 53 venues located in Taipei City and 5 other cities and counties, so far 29 have already been renovated. The construction of the Hsinchu County Second Stadium is estimated to be completed in the middle of next June, the target of other venues is to complete construction by the end of April, 2017. 7 renovations will be completed by January 31, while 17 will be completed from February to April 2017. Practical and operational training of the volunteers is in progress.


2019 Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk

OC Delegation Krasnoyarsk 2019

This year the OC plans to employ 230 people. Currently, they have 84 full-time employees who work in 55 divisions and develop 49 functional areas. Functional tactic plans and venue operation plans are developed as well. All the deadlines of the construction and reconstruction schedule of the Winter Universiade venues in 2016 were met. All the main sports and infrastructure venues are under construction or reconstruction already. At the end of 2016 construction began for 2 more sports venues: Sports and training block “Snezhnyi” and Administrative and training block “Freestyle” Two venues will be put into operation ahead of schedule. These are Multi-functional Sports Complex “Sopka”and Krasnoyarsk City Emergency Medical Care Hospital, hence the preparation is going according to the Master Plan 2.0. The OC continues to attract new sponsors for Winter Universiade 2019. In November the OC signed a sponsorship contract with a famous social network Vkontakte. International Company «Siberian Health» became the Official supplier in the category of Healthy Food and Drink. The contract was signed in December 2016.


2019 Summer Universiade in Napoli

OC Delegation Napoli 2019

For the 2019 SU, all venues are already in place. Most sport venues are located in Naples. There will be events held in all of Campania. The OC has proposed three optional sports, i.e. sailing, shooting sport and rugby sevens. The first FISU CTI inspection visit took place in Naples from December 6th to 14th and

22 Technical Delegates and the FISU SU delegation visited all sport venues for 17 sports (Rugby 7s TD visit will be arrange afterwards). Priorities on the most important Functional Areas were highlighted.


2021 Winter Universiade in Lucerne

Leonz Eder with the OC Delegation Lucerne 2021

Managing Director Urs Hunkeler gave an overview of the organisational chart and presented the management board of the 2021 host. In each destination there will be a Local Organising Committee for the organisation of sport competition in close coordination with the departments. “We will act as welcoming hosts at an inspirational sporting festival held in the home of winter sports. The event will promote awareness of the winter sport venues and educational centres of Lucerne-Central Switzerland throughout the world.” Regula Schweizer then gave an overview of the functional areas.

The next EC meeting is scheduled prior to the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei City on 15 and 16 August.


Pierre, FISU Press Officer