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29 May 2015 | in CUSF News, Executive Committee Meeting

AUSF Executive Committee Meeting



ULAANBAATAR - From 23 to 24 May, the Executive Board of the Asian University Sports Federation (AUSF) had the first meeting of 2015. It was also the first time for the AUSF EC to have its board meeting in Mongolia, and the second time in Central Asia. President ZHANG Xinsheng, 1st Vice-President Omar A. AL-HAI, Vice-President CHEN Kunning, Secretary-General Kenny CHOW, Vice Secretary General XUE Yanqing, Assessors Preecha PRAYOONPAT, Hisato IGARASHI, JARGALSAIKHAN D., and Auditors HA Woong Yong and Kairat ZAKIRYANOV attended the meeting. FISU 1st Vice-President Oleg Matytsin, EUSA President Adam Roczek, FISU Assessor Chen Tai Cheng, AUSF Honorary President Chung Tong Gu and AUSC Secretary-General HJ Mohmad Mohd Hanif were invited to be present as well.

During the morning session of 23 May, the participants were divided into two groups. The Group one composed of the Constitution review group had its pre-meeting to discuss the proposals on AUSF Constitution Amendment. Group two composed of the remaining EC members, FISU and EUSA guests and the future OCs were invited to attend the Awarding Ceremony of Mongolian National University Games.

In the afternoon, the first session of EC meetings started with the welcome addresses from Mad. Erdenechimeg B., the Director Department of Ministry of Health and Sport, Mr. Jargalsalkhan D., the Secretary General of Mongolian Student Sports Federation, FISU 1st Vice President Oleg Matytsin, EUSA President Adam Roczek and AUSF Honorary President Chung Tong Gu and AUSF President ZHANG Xinsheng.

Following the Agenda, Secretary General Kenny Chow reported the jobs done since last EC meeting, including the visit to Indonesia for the 17th ASEAN University Games, and the proposed affiliation of Afghanistan. During the ASEAN University Games, he met with the delegates from Myanmar, Laos and Timor leste and gave the guidance on how to join FISU and AUSF. Auditor Ha Woong Yong made the report on behalf of Treasurer, announcing the current financial situation of AUSF and introduced the latest FISU Financial Guidelines on Continental Federations. The sub-regional chairs reported the activities organized and to be organized in each sub-region. Chen Kunning, Chair of Education Committee, introduced the objectives and plan of the Education Committee. To fulfill the duty of Education Committee, the AUSF Education and Development Center was established in Beijing, China. The board members of the Center had their first meeting this March in Beijing. Dr. Chen also introduced the meeting achievements to the EC members.

On 24 May, the AUSF EC meeting continued and started with the report of the AUSF Constitution Review Task Force. The Amendment proposals included the articles on Logo, membership, General Assembly, Executive Committee and the Management, etc. Next, the progress reports and bidding reports of AUSF events were presented. The AUSF calendar for 2015 and 2016 was fixed as follows:





AUC Cycling

22 - 26 July

Chang Nyeong, Korea

AUC 3X3 Basketball

13 - 18 Oct.

Shenyang ,China

AUC Chess (plus the workshop)

18 - 25 Oct.

Beijing, China

1st Intensive Training Programme

29 Dec. 2015 - 6 Jan. 2016

Cheonan City, South Korea





AUC Cross Country

29 March – 3 April

Amman, Jordan

AUC Futsal

22 - 27 April

Almaty, Kazakhstan

AUC Boxing and EC Meeting

Mid May

Dushanbe, Tajikistan

AUC Women’s Basketball

Aug. or Sep.

Chinese Taipei

AUC Cycling (Trail)

9 Oct.

Osaka, Japan

AUSF Conditional Coaches Clinic

One week in Oct.

Beijing, China

AUC Men’s Basketball

23 - 30 Oct.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

AUSF Seminar of Secretary-Generals

One week in Nov.

Xiamen, China

AUSF EC Meeting

AUSF General Assembly Meeting


In the afternoon, the EC members were invited to the National Basketball Palace of the Mongolian National Basketball Association in Khandgait, which will be used for the preliminary round of the 6th AUC Men’s basketball. On behalf of AUSF, President ZHANG Xinsheng presented AUSF plaques to Mr. ERDENE S., the Member of Parliament of Mongolia, Minister of Mongolian Population, Development and Social Protection and President of Mongolian National Basketball Association and Mr. BAYASGALAN D., President of Mongolian Student Sports Federation for hosting next edition of Asian University Men’s Basketball Championship.

More info on www.ausf.org


(Source: AUSF Secretariat)