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26 August 2012 | in Equestrian, World University Championships

10th WUEC: Finalists in Showjumping and Dressage known

AACHEN - They are official – the finalists in the showjumping and dressage competition at the WUEC 2012 in Aachen. Diana Marsa from Spain and the Norwegian Emil Flamm will compete for the gold medal at the jump parcours today, Sunday 26th of August. In the dressage square Charlotte Dobretsberger from Austria and Charlotte Rehborn from Germany will meet each other.

After the second and third round of show jumping in the morning Nadine Kraft and Lisette Ahrens made it to the semi-final as well as Diana Marsa from Spain, Marìa André Sanchez Romero from Guatemala, Thibault Destrebecq from France and Norwegian Emil Flamm. Especially for Flamm and his group opponents Ahrens and Romero this was an ordeal. Their horse Lord Foundleroy refused again and again at the sixth fence so that they couldn´t finish the parcours. The organizers were prepared for this and provided the riders instantly with another horse. On Kaitika they had to ride the Parcours again to determine the group winner. Emil Flamm had to ride first and his controlled ride with just one knock-down put pressure on the other riders. Both Romero and Ahrens tried to give it all they had but three respectively two knock-downs were too much to reach the final. Flamms opponent will be Diana Marsa from Spain. She could win her group on Cara Mia against Nadine Kraft and Thibault Destrebecq. With a fast ride and no knock-down she secured her place in the final. “I did not expect to be one of the last two, this is unbelievable”, she said. Tomorrow she is hoping for a similar tune between her and the selected horse for the final.

The dressage semi-final just saw female participants. With Charlotte Rehborn, Milou Anthonisse from the Netherlands, and Katie Nolan from Ireland on Pia Lotta as well as Charlotte Dobretsberger, Lisette Ahrens, and Caroline van der Heyden from Belgium they arranged the riders for the final among themselves. While Charlotte Rehborn won the first group with a three percentage point winning margin, it got pretty though in the other group. Charlotte Dobretsberger and Lisette Ahrens were both rated with 67.88 percentage points by the judges. So the addition of the last four collective marks had to decide – and Dobretsberger received one point more than Ahrens.


(Source: OC)



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