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20 October 2017 | in Education

Russian International Olympic University to host sport legacy conference

The Olympic city of Sochi welcomes the leaders of international sport back to the coast of the Black Sea to consider sports legacy.


The Russian International Olympic University hosts the second edition of the Sochi Olympic Legacy conference. This year focuses on identifying growth areas for major sport events. (Image: SOL)

Hosted by the Russian International Olympic University, a team of renowned academics and researches, major sport event organisers, and political and social figures headline the event, which will be held on the 20th of November. The conference programme covers effective legacy planning of the Olympic Games and other major sports events, with a special focus on identifying growth areas. 



“Come to Sochi to meet true opinion leaders whose perspectives are capable of changing the world around us,” said Dr. Lev Belousov, Rector of the Russian International Olympic University. “The Sochi Olympic Legacy 2017 (event) agenda spans a wide range of challenges faced by sporting mega-event organisers.”


Participants taking in the Sochi Olympic Legacy '16 conference (Image: SOL)

The one-day conference covers the sport event legacy by looking at how sport events impact local communities, forward-thinking sustainable development models, and identifying the best media practices to promote sport and healthy lifestyles. Lilia Barieva, FISU Transfer of Knowledge Manager, will take part in the conference.



No fee is charged for participation in the conference.  Registration is open via this link: http://sol.olympicuniversity.ru/en