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19 May 2014 | in FISU

Development Committee meets in FIDSU Office



BRUSSELS - On 17 and 18 May, the FISU Development Committee (CDSU), chaired by Stefan BERGH (SWE) and vice-chaired by Alison ODELL (GBR), met in the FIDSU office in Brussels. All members attended: Isaac Mwangi KAMANDE (KEN), Erik MICHALAK (FRA), Delise O’MEALLY (USA), Johanna St. CLAIR-RENARD (SWE), Yanqing XUE (CHN). The meeting was also attended by Laurent BRIEL, Director of the Development Department, and Westley ROLIN, Development Assistant.

Stefan BERGH welcomed the members by highlighting the importance of the first financial support scheme for NUSF projects, which was launched in 2014. The NUSF project proposals were evaluated.

Other points on the agenda included the final reports on the CUSF projects 2013, guidelines on the rights and obligations of the CUSFs, the latest changes in the FISU membership, new rules applicable to endorsed events, and the Gwangju Legacy Programme.

Recommendations will be submitted to the FISU Executive Committee for approval at its next meeting in Brussels.


(Source: W. Rolin, Development Assistant)


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