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21 September 2017 | in NUSF News, International Day Of University Sport, CUSF News

IDUS 2017 celebrated in Africa




AFRICA - As it celebrates the International Day of University Sport, FASU, the African University Sports Federation believes that sports is one of the major ways to promote peace, and bring empowerment to the African youth. With celebrations across the various countries that make up FASU, it was paramount to remind the students the need to take sports seriously and how to better handle themselves out of the school system.


In his official press release for the day's big event, FASU President Malumbete Ralethe stated "#WeareAfrica is a slogan and hash tag the whole university sports community in Africa adopted to rally us and remind ourselves of the responsibility towards developing sports in Africa by us Africans. Universities are the best placed to influence this campaign for growth. We have a generation at its prime, which is a big consumer market and the next generation of leaders. Understanding the value we have Sha help us maximize our time at the university and help us grow better. There is no Africa without us, we have all the resources to create a better place and university sports is the vehicle we have all chosen".


In Uganda there was a massive celebration of the day, Makerere University celebrated the day with various events, such as soccer, netball and swimming. Nkumba University has celebrated the International Day of University Sport with a University football league match against MUBS at Nkumba University Sports grounds, the match which was watched by over 5,000 people, ended 1-0 in favour of Nkumba.


Peninnah Kabenge, FASU Secretary General said “Celebrating the IDUS has drawn attention to the masses how important University sports is to the development of the countries. Students are learning the value sports on campuses.”


Joseph Sandagi of the Kenyan University Sports believes that “we encourage our youth to maximize their time in the University by getting engaged positively through sports.”


Stephen Hamaphyelto, President of the Nigerian University Games Association said "the importance of University sports cannot be over emphasised, especially in a country like ours. Sports has proven to be a great form of unity in the face of adversity, so we embrace and celebrate this day.”


Africa celebrates with the rest of the world, with intentions to make a difference with sports.


Chidiebere Ezeani (NGR), U-Media Reporter